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I know we're only a halfway through this Live, but here's a handy place to share how it went!


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Since I’m not going to the second half of this, I thought I’d leave some thoughts of the Walibi Holland half.

What fun! Untamed is outrageous, Goliath took me by surprise and El Condor... exists. The company, as always, was superb and we’re disappointed that we couldn’t make the second half, but I’m young and can’t miss any more school ;)

Have fun in Belgium everyone, and I’ll see some of you next year!

Nicky Borrill

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It’s 5:11am as I type this. I basically got into the hotel room and collapsed at 8pm last night. Was a great day out. Having visited Walibi so many times this year already, and running on absolutely no sleep, it was pretty much just meeting everyone for the first time, and getting lots of Untamed rides for me yesterday, I had very little interest in most of the other creds / rides, though it was fun doing them all with the group (apart from El Condor, I sat out, you couldn’t pay me enough to ever ride that again.)

Highlights were Untamed, obviously. We got somewhere over 15 rides with speedy, lost count. Coming off the apparently dry log flume, soaking wet. Serena’s quiz was great fun, although we did not do well (I blame the wasps, nothing to do with our complete lack of knowledge at all. ?)

Really looking forward to today the most though, visiting Bobbejaanland for the first time, so will be completely guided by the group. I have also actually had some sleep, so that’s a bonus!


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Great weekend! Good to meet some new people and do a couple new parks for me.
As expected Untamed was super fab. Walibi as a whole is a bit ****e, almost zero atmosphere, minimal theming and those god damn wasps!
Controversial opinion but Fury is potentially a top 10 coaster. Granted I’ve been on a comparatively small amount of coasters compared to some in the group but it’s just such a fun re-rideable coaster, really snappy launches, a surprising amount of airtime too, definitely surpassed expectations.


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Sat on Train to Sevenum (I wont rub in that I’m off to Toverland again, but hey...I’m off to Toverland again!
What a great weekend, great to catch up with CF members old and new, despite a slighty damp start we were blessed with a lovely warm September Weekend!

Obviously the highlights were the two new-for-2019 coasters, Untamed and Fury, and not just because they were new, but because they're both pretty damn great rides.

Untamed is not only easy on the eye - but a real feel good ‘cool’ coaster, its just so.... satisfying! Sort of wild but in a chilled sort of way.... hard to explain... almost thereputic! It was my first RMC, and it was great to experience something new, as it really does delivery new and interesting sensations and manuvers not found elsewhere!
And whilst I didnt fully ‘get’ the theming.....I like it, it worked somehow... reminding me of one of those hipster coffeeshop/bicycle repair/ plant sale hybrid places found in Hackney

Walibi Holland isnt really ‘my’ type of park, but I can’t deny it now has a solid coaster line up with Untamed, Goliath and Lost Gravity leading the way with Platform 13 and Speed of sound as supprting acts - then theres Condor.... well no-ones perfect!
But certainly WH is a re-visit park purely because of Untamed!

We also reminised fondly of our dearly departed loggers leap by riding their classic Mack double-down log flume!

Then there was Bobbejaanland - a bucket list park for over 20 years, mainly for the quirk factor.

It certainly wasnt as ugly and getto as I’d been warned, it has bags of potential in terms of its lake and park setting.....they just need to demolish or at least cover up a lot of its dated early 80s leisure centre architecture, and aside from that the level of general maintance and theming effort reminded me of current UK parks to be honest.

I was charmed by Revolution and Indiana River! all other rides were I’d best described as - ‘un-vile’ i.e. I was braced for a lot worse...then northing of note happened!...Dreamcatcher, diz (or whatever it’s called now) and Typhoon all fell into this category!

Then there was Fury....What a suprise! I personally loved it, much prefering the forwards option, with exquisite floater airtime on that first drop back down the spike and then flung into a smooth series of interesting dives and flips - short but very satisfing, this is the type of coaster I love, solid F.U.N and re-rideable.

Controversally I loved it just as much as untamed which is a major suprise, not better! But certainly equal, Something I was not expecting.

Bobbejaanland on the whole.... their end of term report would definitely read ‘must try harder’
ride operations weren't too bad at all, multiple cars running and pretty efficient throughput - but Catering and other services... urgh firstly there simply wasnt enough outlets, (of which the choice and quality was poor) but most had one member of staff doing everything (taking the order, preparing the order etc) and running on go slow - processing single orders for whole families! Leading to everywhere having non-moving queues all afternoon. It was a busy day, but not THAT busy! More staff and better facilities would certainly ease this.
And 2 euro for a park map! It’s just stuff like that which doesn't set you up in the right mindframe at the start of your day.... even the wi-fi tried to download ads onto peoples phones..... no added value basically.

However Despite that I throughly enjoyed my day and weekend. Thanks again to all involved.
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We just got home from our epic 30 minute flight.

Thanks to all for being so welcoming for our first CF Live! We had a great time and it was awesome to meet so many of you, hopefully we'll see you at a park sometime soon.

Walibi Holland was a lot more fun than our visit earlier in the year and Untamed was great, especially in the morning when it was just slow enough to stop the airtime from pushing the restraints into my legs. That first/second inversion goes on forever and was so so smooth.

Lost Gravity was fun as ever and Goliath was ok but didn't seem to have the speed I remember. Maybe Millennium Force has spoiled it for me. Platform Express's queue was way better than I imagined but the ride was so tedious. I still maintain that this is a pretty poor park, there's no atmosphere and the path layout is insane. But it was a good day.

Bobbejaanland was much better than expected, it might not have that many great rides but it has a bunch of curiosities (I loved revolution with a passion) and the park just has a nice feel to it. Totally agree that it is not prepared for the crowds they got today.

Fury was fantastic but painfully short, I'd love to see something like that with a MCBR and a second half. Going forwards was probably a bit better but backwards was so much fun just for not knowing what was about to happen.

Anyway, thanks again to all.

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Dear CoasterForce,

Thank you for letting me and my 72,000 stripey friends hang out with you at Walibi Holland. Sorry we were too small to ride the coasters with you, but we had a great time sitting on your food, getting stuck in your hair, falling into your drinks...ahhh, treasured memories <3

Sorry we didn't fill out sign up sheet to attend the Live in advance, but I've typed out a trip report with my antennae as promised. My favourite ride was the bins in the queueline.

Hope to meet all of you again on a warm, sticky day at a theme park soon!

Best wishes,
Mr. Wasp (and friends) x

Nicky Borrill

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Can I just leave these pics here. Unfortunately due to 5 adults sharing a Citroen C3, we had to pack light and I was unable to take the DSLR, so they are pretty crappy Iphone pics, but since some of you are in some of them I thought somebody might be interested in them ?


EDIT: thank you to whichever mod has edited this, it’s loading much better than the imgbb files were. :) won’t use imgbb in future ?
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Yet another great weekend with great goupe of people.

First off thank you to @Serena for organising weekend, a thankless task if there was ever.

Also likewise to @Fi for driving all weekend, it much appreciated.

Took DSLR with me but ended up pretty much carrying it around all weekend and not actually using ?, kept getting distracted by the rides themselves.

As for actual days, starting off with Walbi. It was a nice to chilled out day at a fairly empty park.
It was cool to get back on untamed and Goliath and not have to worry about getting on all creds as i have done them previously.

Still don't get love for Lost Gravity, it OK coaster but nothing amazing ?? and has a bad rattle for something that ain't actually that old.
Express Platform 13 station is amazing experience, shame the coaster is nothing amazing once your shot out of the tunnel
Double down on the log flume brought back fond memories of Loggers Leap, while turntable is always a novel surprise.
Didn't enjoy the top spin as it was going at a snail pace, plus restraints were far from comfortable and mechanism seemed to be creaking a fair bit.

Moving on to Bobbejaanland, it was nice to visit a new park and get on some new Creds.
Saying that It came apparent fairly quickly that the park was going to be busy all day, something that probably not helped by the fact the park was closed the day before. ( Sat 7th )
Fury is frankly amazing ride forward or backwards, not top 10 material but head and shoulders above whats on offer in most of Belgium at the moment.
If i had to pick which way i prefer it going, it be backwards just for the uniqueness fact at this stage. Plenty of forward facing launch coasters out there already.
The launch packs a punch for size of it and transfer track at each end of station is a simple but clever idea.
Sadly i don't understand the queuing options on the ride. You can either choose to go forward or choose one that you vote.
Surely if you wanted to go forward you wouldn't use the voting queue as result making the vote pointless and redundant ?

As for rest of the creds at the park, they alright but nothing more sadly. Saying that the Indoor log flume is fab and well themed through out.

Sadly the high crowd numbers and fairly slow operations ( especially catering ) meant i came away from the day not exactly buzzing to return to the park anytime soon even though we missed a cred.

Couple pictures of CF'ers on Kong and Fury

Finally i can't make Ghosterforce in Germany however i hope to be in Spain come December for last CF live of the year.

All best AC.
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Firstly thanks again to Serena for all the work she put into the live to keep it running smoothly and us all entertained!

We were lucky to escape the rain in Walibi with only our first ride on Untamed a bit damp! This was my 6th RMC and probably a middle-ranging one for me. Considering it's size it does a lot with my favourite part being the half and half/double inversion thing that was a world's first (not sure what it's official name is??). The next few hills were also great and it has limited "RMC faff" that I dislike so points for that. Apart from the outerbanked pre-lift hill corner lol.

I had all the other creds so the rest of the day was pretty chill for me, goliath was a bit better than I remember, probably because the last big intamin I did was the one at darien lake (clone/mirror of SFAm's delight) which is definitely the worst of the bunch joint with SFAm. Goliath's layout is well thought out and punchy and any ride that goes over water gets extra points from me. Lost gravity was quirky and fun as before but seemed a bit more rattly than I remember it. Hopefully despite it being Mack's answer to a gerst it won't get that gerst rattle!

Sat out on the SLC because I value my braincells and felt like I'd done enough of those for a while but I did enjoy speed of sound (where mushroom and I raved the entire way around!) and platform 13 with it's out of place queueline. The launch into the inversion is good but the rest is a bit meh, not sure whether I prefer the ride experience of flight of fear to those rock n'rollercoaster clones but it is still an ok ride. The top spin was amusing but a little lacklustre and lasted about 3 years with us seemingly hanging upside down for about 5 mins much to everyone's delight and the madhouse was a nice chance to sit and chill. The log flume was good with both the backwards drop and the double down. Always feel you can't go wrong with a decent log flume! So, despite having had about 2 hours sleep, I had a very good day.

I had been putting off Bobbeejaanland because people had said it was so bad and then the opportunity to do it with a group of CF'ers came up and I realised this would probably be the best way to experience the park. The park actually surpassed my expectations (with were very low tbh), but as others have said they clearly weren't prepared for the crowds and needed work in some places.

Fury was a great surprise, like a bigger version of Goldrush with added features. Despite being someone who quite enjoys backwards rides I slightly preferred forwards because I felt like it was more forceful and a bit more pleasant as you could prepare for what was coming next. The last inversion was quite forceful backwards though where it pretty much goes from one inversion into another. The park have pretty much gained two rides in one here so it was a smart move as I'm sure lots of people will get straight back in the queue after riding once to try the other version, thus making it an attraction that can occupy more of people's time. It was really a cut above everything else in the park.

The rest of the park was mostly mediocre but I still had a really good day. The food queue was horrendous and no other queue was short but we got by with lots of chat and games. As a lover of crappy 80s/90s coasters in the dark, revolution was obviously a standout for me. Was hoping for the retro soundtrack but alas I couldn't hear it, but was really glad that they had ditched the VR. Yes, most of the ride is a lifthill and yes it is basically "left turn: the ride" but the last few turns are pretty speedy and it makes for a fun experience.

The only other standout thing was really the indoor log flume, which I got soaked on because I sat right at the front. We had a good game of coaster triviqa in the queueline which makes me want to compile a list of weird coaster facts! (Apparently according to the internet this is an intamin log flume for those who were wondering). This was so dark and really well-themed, quite a surprise to see in that kind of park to be honest! Defo worth ditching a cred for imo. Luckily at the end of the day we managed to snap up two more credits meaning that we only left with one missing (the wild mouse) as opposed to the forecast 3 so I was pretty pleased with that. Little bit annoying not to have completed the set considering the park isn't high on my revisit list but all in all considering the crowds and large group etc I think we did really well, making some good ride decisions and had a good time.

Thanks for a great trip everyone!

Nicky Borrill

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The only other standout thing was really the indoor log flume, which I got soaked on because I sat right at the front. We had a good game of coaster triviqa in the queueline which makes me want to compile a list of weird coaster facts! (Apparently according to the internet this is an intamin log flume for those who were wondering). This was so dark and really well-themed, quite a surprise to see in that kind of park to be honest!
Wow, didn’t see that coming, we were torn between Arrow or Mack.

Geeky Pastimes

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The more I think about it Revolution might have been the most fun I had on a ride this weekend. Other rides were better but I laughed so much seeing the end of the coaster snake around the other side of the lift and the lighting was really good.

Thank you to whoever suggested we stay in that ridiculous queue!

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after the trip - i always enjoy doing a bit of follow-up research - and came across this very well put together fan/nostalgia site about Bobbejaanland - its all in Belgian though, but here is the page dedicated to the building of Indiana River, I spent far too long lost on this site!


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Thank you so much Serena for running an absolutely brilliant couple of days. Untamed was spectacular (I'm honestly rating it as my new favorite RMC, if only for that fabulous, unending sideways, floaty airtime. I might...might get the chance to do a proper report at the weekend. Will see but, if not, thanks everyone - it was lovely to see so many new faces and even Bobbi Jobbie was relatively well-behaved.