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Universal's Epic Universe Announced! New Orlando Resort!


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I think the How To Train Your Dragon area could be more of a general DreamWorks section by the time the park opens. Even so, I hope they put as much effort into the Dreamworks lands as they appear to be doing with the other sections. Personally, Dragons is the draw of the park to me, so it’s the thing that will make or break my opinion of the park.
I think that if they pulled it off this area would be incredible, the entire HTTYD trilogy is fantastic, and they could theme this area so well!

If that section alone is good that would be enough for me to book tickets!


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HTTYD is cool and all, but there’s already a few parks that have lands themed to it already. This seems like an ill planned move, or a “filler” area, rather than a big exciting new land.

Don’t get me wrong, Universal will probably do it more justice than Merlin/Heide or that Emirates park ever will, but still.


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Give me a ****ing Nightfury flying coaster now!

Ground work on this park started, what, 2 years ago almost? I mean when I was there last year a lot of work was being done. I am highly interested in if that rumored Mack package is true for this. Dueling Mack launches? Sign me the **** up.

I'd expect this to open 2023. They don't want a Volcano Bay where nothing is working pro0e3l6 again/half opened. The level of theming 5hey gave developed now would make sense for that timeframe as well. Which means a good time to visit would be like 2026.

In regards to the name, most people will probably call it Epic, just like IoA gets called Islands. Besides, names change (what's up Hollywood Studios) and it could be the beginning of a rebrand for the entire resort.

Not much to add besides that, although the video floating around of the Donkey Kong prototype is quite interesting. Hopefully this park relies more on physical than screens.

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According to Alicia Stella (pretty much the most reliable Universal insider in the business), the How to Train Your Dragon section of the park will have eight rides. Yes, you're reading that right. And most of the theming for the land was stripped from the concept art to try and hide what the land was. Obviously, that didn't work.

Fantastic Beasts will feature two different E-ticket attractions. HTTYD will have two as well.

The Nintendo section of the park will be what we already know (Mario Kart, Yoshi, Donkey Kong) but it will be expanded shortly after the park opens. It will be the largest area of the park after the expansion opens.


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If you take the full name isn't it "Universal's Islands of Adventure"? I think this will just become "Epic Universe" and drop "Universal's" as the Islands did in everyday talk. Epic Universe sounds okay.


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yeah, it'll be closer to SeaWorld and Aquatica than the rest of Universal Orlando...and when they bus guests between the parks you'll go right past the Wheel and Star Flyer, and that new slings shot and drop tower, if they get built.....and the lololPolarCoasterlolol


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From my understanding this is going to be absolutely immense as a park. Really really interested to see if everything comes off as planned.

I have a feeling they have a few tricks up their sleeves and that a lot of the concept art is purposefully misleading...
It is and yet it isn't. Everything you see there is coming unless budget cuts happen, but the theming of the four lands is purposely mixed up.