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Universal IoA | Jurassic World VelociCoaster | Intamin Blitz | 2021


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Friends I work with who have ridden it during the Team Member previews say its the best coaster they've ever been on.....but that's not really saying much if they arent people who've gone out of their way to ride a whole bunch of rides... but I don't doubt it could be Florida's best coaster <3
I've heard it has quite a rattle for being such a new ride. Intamin rattle curse strikes again?


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I always knew the second half of Velocicoaster was going to be incredible, but wow, that first half is so much faster than the testing made it seem! I'm really looking forward to when we get better POVs of Velocicoaster - I can't wait to see the raptor paddock rockwork and greenery in full, non-grainy detail. Lots of fantastic airtime moments and near-misses in there!

Matt N

CF Legend
In The Loop now has a review for us, and it would appear that The Legend was just as enamoured with it as everyone else who rode it today:
Praise indeed; a top 10 ride for someone who’s ridden 694 roller coasters is no small statement!


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Well judging from the pov, which I only saw on a mobile phone screen.
It looks less slow than I thought it would be. It actually looks not bad. I have doubts still, for example, the two circles in the second part of the ride can't be that much fun. Will it.


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I think the double helix in the second half is one of the best parts. Starting with a stall and followed by two airtime moments (wave turn & outward bank) it is an incredible sequence and way better than I expected after the blueprints got leaked 2 years ago.


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Just the single station platform? Hope they manage to achieve a decent throughput since it can run 4 trains at a time (with a 5th train spare), but I could see it stacking quite a bit.

EDIT:- Also, lets play a game of VelociBingo:-

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Matt N

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I’ve got to say, I’m extremely impressed with what I’ve seen so far!

Even the first half looks blisteringly fast from on-ride, much more so than I was expecting; I was honestly expecting the first half to be a bit slow, but it looks brilliant, and then the second half looks just obscene, particularly the top hat and inversion over the water! Honestly, I cannot pick a single bit of this ride that I would improve based on that POV; I know that seems like a bold statement, but all of it just looks absolutely sublime!

Dare I say it, but I think VelociCoaster possibly looks like one of the closest coasters in the world to a genuine “jack of all trades” roller coaster. It genuinely looks to have a bit of everything; there looks to be quite a bit of airtime, but also some nice inversions and sections of positive g-force. It looks to have plenty of rapid transitions and more aggressive sections, but also quite a bit of nice, floaty hangtime. Even though it’s a thrill coaster, I also think it makes an excellent stab at the thematic side of things; the pre-show, queue and futuristic station look brilliant, while the first half looks phenomenal with all of the near misses, rockwork and raptors! I reckon that regardless of what you like in a roller coaster, everyone will find something to like in VelociCoaster, and I think that’s a genuinely remarkable feat, personally.

There’s a fair chance I could be able to go to Florida and experience VelociCoaster for myself in 2022, so all I have to hope now is that COVID behaves and I’m able to go out to Florida next summer. I’m trying not to hype it up too much, but it’s very hard, with all these superlative reviews; I haven’t heard a single review yet that doesn’t absolutely rave about it! Based on what I’ve heard and seen, I honestly think it could give Icon at Blackpool Pleasure Beach a fair run for its money for the title of my favourite multi-launch coaster, possibly even Mako for my favourite coaster overall! But if it’s even half as good as Icon, I’ll be thrilled!