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TusenFryd | Dragen | Gerstlauer Invert | 2022


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Oh, sorry 'bout that.

The name "Dragen" was found on the planning proposal quoted in this post:

I think it was also confirmed in an article in a local newspaper, but those are a hassle to dig up as they require paywall access. I had a friend from the area show me the articles once.

EDIT to mention: The name actually fits quite well, as TusenFryd used to have a small Zamperla Dragon coaster named Dragen. It was very popular, but apparently cost more to maintain than the park was willing to pay for, so it was sold. The public still has Dragen in fresh memory, so bringing back the name for a bigger coaster would be a neat publicity stunt.

As for the involvement of Gerstlauer, I can only confirm it personally. I know someone involved in the project.
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