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Trip Plans For 2015


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No :p trying to spend as much student loan as possible apparently hehe

That being said, if that happens as a cause, it'll be purely coincidental ;)


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The only proper plans I have are Germany in August - Holiday Park, Phantasialand and Tripsdrill, and Ghosterforce in October.
I also intend to visit Drayton Manor, Oakwood and Alton Towers at some point. Other than that I'll see what happens.
Will probably get the two new Devon creds at some point too.

Edward M

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We are heading to Disneyland late July instead of the Holiday World/King's Island trip. Very excited to go to Disneyland! Been wanting to go again for a long time now, very excited.

Also going to Alabama Adventure sometime this year.


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jj23w said:
Maybe Liseberg.

You should totally go if you can and get Balder plus the world class Helix! Im very excited for Shambhala in August but will happily admit that Helix looks superior for its smooth mix of airtime and inversions with great terrain interaction.


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Well I need to get money together but it'll most likely happen. Port Aventura is done as well as Towers going again next week. Blackpool done and Plopsa de Panne


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You can do Liseberg for £100-£140 depending on if you want to stay the night or not. Do it.

Chris Brown

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I was looking to get a trip to Liseberg sorted as well, however the revival of Wildfire at kolmarden and the fact that its meant to open in 2016 means that I'm more than happy to shelve those plans until its open.


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Europa park in July, and Gardaland in August, plus hopefully a cheeky trip to paultons park later in the year to see how construction is progressing.


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Next week... Off to visit my Mom and Dad and visit SFNE for Wicked Cyclone.... Great Adventure for Zumanjaro Drop of Doom and Knoebels for Flying Turns <3


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Because my job is stupid, after arriving back in Hong Kong next week and popping in for a couple of hours, I'll have four free days before I have to go back in for anything.

I toyed with Osaka, but flight times really weren't working out, so I settled for somewhere in China instead.

I'll go to Zhengzhou, which looks **** as an actual city, but has two new Fantawild parks, one of which just opened last month with a Gravity Group woodie.


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Colossus said:

Europa Park
Holiday Park
Movie Park

Distant Future

Something in October for my 30th either Florida (depends how cheap I can make it) or some sort of European cred trip (depends whats open)

Alright so Germany is done and dusted.

As for my 30th in October, we plan on neither of the things I planned at the start of the year, what we're actually doing now is another US road trip that will entail...
Six Flags America
Kings Dominion
Really awkward to get all them in due to reduced opening times, but it is doable, also going to get some football in, Steelers V Cardinals, Eagles V Giants and Virginia Tech V Duke


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Three last minute trips have popped up for me. Will be doing Grona Lund this weekend, and Tivoli Gardens and Bakken the weekend after that! :D


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I only have one trip planned for this year, but it's going to be quite a major one, since it'll cover the remaining Dutch parks (Efteling, Toverland + a few minor ones) and a couple of German parks as well (Phantasialand, Movie Park Germany). I'm planning to be there from 15th to 26th of September and I'll try to cover the whole trip with only public transport (that includes getting to Netherlands from my homeland! :) ).

And perhaps a few minor parks within driving distance also being an option. :)


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I'll be in Barcelona in November, planning on going to Tibaldo for cred, and trying to figure out if I have time to get to PA. Looking like a no, but I'm hopeful.

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Once Kings Island gets through its big September shut prepping for Haunt and hosting private events I'll still be going there on Sunday afternoons on occasion. However, I plan to end my season really late in the year at Silver Dollar City the week after Christmas! :D