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Tricky Pony - NL2 Comp - Results Pg 2


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Re: Tricky Pony - NL2 Comp

Alright, sorry about the delay, and the mix up. Thank you for the timely responses for the submissions. Here is how the scorecard plays out.

6. Formula X- Colossus 46.5 points

There was a lot of time spent on this. You can tell from the catwalks, the supports, scenery, but more time needed to be spent on the layout. There were quite a few pumps, odd transitions, and G spikes. -2.6 in the front on the top hat is too much. The ending also crawled too much. Nice ideas, just needs refined execution. Make sure to use the depump tool as you go to smooth it out step by step. Makes a huge difference!

5. Mud Dauber- Error 63.5 points

There wasn't much to it. It was an entry, but lacked real heart. It was probably the most financially realistic entry, but who wants that? ;)

4. Wendigo- Jer 72.5 points

That awful MCBR. This was a trend, and I hated it in each one I saw. There were some pumps and the environment kind of hid that with the darkness. Ending killed this being top 2 for me.

3. Apokalypz- Tomahawk 88.5 points

Too fast in spots, but I felt one of my better coasters. After 2 wins, I'm slipping!

2. Reverb- Hixee 89 points

There was a point deduction for top hat supports not staying in the red, but on initial runs, this was my favorite coaster. I loved the dueling top hats, especially the small one inverted with that crawl. Hated the trim mcbr though. Great job!

1. Grand Tourer- Antinossi 102 points

Fantastic. This felt real. A great job.


That's it for this round. We are on hiatus until the beginning of July as I will be out of town/working on some other projects. Stay tuned for the next round!


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Re: Tricky Pony - NL2 Comp

This was actually a really good round. I didn't think any of the tracks were awful, and there was some nice creative track design. Well done all!

I'm pissed off I didn't read the rules properly - even though it was only one point! :lol:

And also thanks to Pink Panther for voting without an entry - it's nice to see some people getting involved even if they aren't entering! :)


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I put so many hours into these things........

Each time I come last.

I use the depump tool, I thought there was one or two other coasters that had more un-natural transitions than mine.

Not to be sour grapes our anything, there's some really great rides here, but its vary depressing to keep coming last after putting in so much time (which I don't have much of) and effort into these things and I come last. The theming I do count's for nothing.

I'm always really proud of my rides and its disheartening to always come last :(

Pink Cadillac

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I enjoyed everyone's entries! I promise I will send something in next time :p
I remember one pulling 5.6G (I think - they were red anyway) on the entry to the top hat. Is that generally OK if it only lasts a second?


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Pink Panther said:
I enjoyed everyone's entries! I promise I will send something in next time
I remember one pulling 5.6G (I think - they were red anyway) on the entry to the top hat. Is that generally OK if it only lasts a second?
The G spike is ok, if it's for a short time. My rule of thumb is to try and stay below 5.5, but if a spike of 6 hits for a split second, that's fine. Tatsu pulls 6 at the bottom of the pretzel, and it's uncomfortable, so I try and avoid that high.

Colossus, trust me I know the feeling of constantly coming in last. Before I actually figured out what my problem was, I was always last. More roll nodes and split the track nodes up, smaller the better. My worst elements are the ones that I have barely any track nodes for.

The shaping of your loop was quite odd as well, it felt way too narrow, for a coaster going that fast, it needs to spread out a bit.

What also helped me was watching some extra tutorials online. NL officially came out with a 5 part that gets really detailed. Not saying sit through all 7 hrs of it, but skim it. They have different markers on videos so you can jump and see different things.

I'm always able to give some tips before entering, you can send it to me and I can give some advice. Don't be discouraged, it took until about 5 months ago for me to actually figure it out.

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Yeahhhhh I'm gonna have to call absolute horsesh*t on that "Tatsu pulls 6G's on the pretzel loop" claim. No way in hell.