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Toverland, Witches Forest

I love Toverland's Halloween, they're so theatrical, but lacking on actual scare mazes, So a new walkthrough experience is welcome news!

It appears they are going to utilise an area not yet used before, that being around the lake behind Avalon (the proposed site for a future hotel) and the woods at the back of the park!

I think this will really help to spread guests out more, to those fringe areas of the park, as crowds where quite concentrated last year! Although I'd not expect something terrifying, I imagine Toverland will create an experience with good lighting, ambiance and characters with interesting make-up!

Returning also are their conversions of the fun house and hedge maze into walkthroughs, and thankfully not listed this year is the 'screaming swamp' blindfold experience - which was complete chaotic trash!

I might be tempted again for it this year!