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Top 5 Video Games of All Time

Youngster Joey

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So what are your top 5 video games?

Mine are

5. Kingdom Hearts - Square Enix, PlayStation 2, 2006
4. Halo 2 - Bungie, Xbox, 2004
3. Pokémon Crystal Version - GameFreak, Game Boy Color, 2001
2. Conker's Bad Fur Day - Rare, Nintendo 64, 2001
1. Pokémon Snap - HAL Labrotory, Nintendo 64, 1999


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Oooooo, tough one. My list changes every year as I replay more games but this is my list as of now.

Mine are:
5.)Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
4.)Batman Arkham City
3.)Fallout 3
2.)Super Mario 64
1.)GTA 4

I decided to do one game per franchise. I had a tough time picking between San Andreas and GTA 4 but ended up picking GTA 4 because of the story and DLC. Pokemon almost made it on the list it would be on my top 10 but I would have a tough time picking between the 2nd and 3rd generation Pokemon games.


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Current console are:

In The Groove
Final Fantasy (series)
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Dark Cloud (series)

Current PC are:

StarCraft II
World of Warcraft (Pre-ordered digital copy of Pandaria today)
Unreal Tournament 2000
RCT Series
Left 4 Dead (series)

Current Handheld are:
Pokemon Black
Angry Birds
Elite Beat Agent
Taiko Drum Master
Magi Nation


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5. Duck hunt. **** yeah snake.
4. Super Mario Bros. 2, Yep, that's all you need to say.
3. Madden Franchise. Can't wait for the new one, as I am sure with its Kinect abilities it will be even better.
2. Sonic 2. Spent countless hours playing this game as a kid
1. Halo 2. This game revolutionized video games as we know it really. It was the beginning of Xbox live, and the storyline, while not as good as the original Halo, it still is epic.


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This is really tough there are so many iconic games I've enjoyed playing.

Can't put them in a particular order but these are probably my top five.

1. GTA III - First transition from top-down to '3D' and really set the benchmark for future GTA's and similar games.
2. Pokémon Blue/Red - Such a huge game at its time, the scale of things to do. Most Gameboy games could be done within a couple hours, not these. First games to really make use of the link system too.
3. Super Mario Kart - Sucked hundreds of hours of my childhood from me, mutliplayer racing and battle modes with friends were just fantastic fun. A shout out here has to go to Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 too as it did something similar several years later in my life!
4. Mario 64 - The first huge transition from side-scrolling platformer to full on 3D world exploring! The collecting of the stars added another great addition to an already great game - great soundtrack and levels too. I'm going to leave Super Mario World out of this list because it'll be too much Mario but can't not mention that one. Best side-scrolling Mario.
5. Tetris - Revolutionised gaming at the time. And has such longetivity we're now saying so many variations of it on modern platforms.


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Love this topic! Need to think long and hard about this though, I've played through so many games, and even then, quite a lot strike me as 'AMAZING' games.

5. Dark Chronicle
It pains me to see how under-rated this game is, it kicks ass! And if you haven't played it yet, you need to, as soon as! It makes TLOZ series seem like a thing of the past, and those games haven't aged at all to me.

4. Spyro The Dragon 2
This one didn't occurr to me at the time, but just the thought of all those hours I spent during my childhood recovering all of those orbs and gems just reminds me, how much fun this game was. And I'm not one to be a completionist, I get bored after the first set of credits on most games, but theres never been a play-through on Spyro 2 where I didn't bother 100% it. Brilliant!

3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto III didn't do it for me, while it was a fun game at times, the city felt dull, the characters were boring and the story was just... Mediocre. Then Vice City came along and answered all of those prayers, I've yet to find a GTA game anyway close to the brilliance of this, everything from the radio stations to the crazy motorbike mission across the buildings, the game rocked.

2. Kingdom Hearts 2
For a game consisting of many Disney characters and happy faces, this game was **** dark, and the story became far too complex for the average child. This was not a kids game, by all means. Luckily I was a teenager when I experienced this, and while it was 'lame' to play a game with so many Disney characters and references at that age, I felt nothing but nostalgia after nostalgia after nostalgia. This game is the epitome of every kid who grew up with Disney, and whilst playing as Sora, I sadly pictured him as me and the thought of meeting all these loved characters when I was a kid. This game took me 50 hours to complete. 50 hours! Also, if the sad ending to the original Kingdom Hearts made you cry, wait until the ending to this, a happy ending... And I cried because how epic that **** journey was. Way better than Final Fantasy VI, and any other over-rated RPG for that matter, this was a piece of art... And on a side note, best game music ever!

1. Tombi
Oh boy, where to start with this masterpiece. Firstly, this game will cost you best part of 100-200 pound if you were to buy it second hand, this game is RARE! Probably so rare, that the disc you will buy won't work, because no-one in the right mind would let this game go. It's the only game that beats Kingdom Hearts as an RPG for me, and theres no other RPG in the world like it, nearest game to it is Super Paper Mario, but even that doesn't hold a light on this outstanding game. Imagine the combination of your all time favourite platformer (Tombi is my all time favourite platformer) all time favourite adventure (again, same) all time favourite RPG (same...) and smack that into one game and thats Tombi. It's like a 30 hour Super Mario game with 101 quests in between, it is so **** good. I just recommend you watch it if you can't play it, and you can imagine how innovative and amazing this actually is!


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Hard to define all time great games as there are so many out there! But if I had to choose...

5. Transport Tycoon
I loved this game, hours spent building up a large transport empires, destroying rivals bus routes by running over their buses, blocking train routes. Had some great humour to it as well.

4. Grand Theft Auto
Played them since the first one came out, enjoyed the gameplay, humour, sandbox adventure when you just wanted to cause mayhem! Vice City on PS2 was my favourite, just a great game. Ignore San Andreas as that was poor, recently downloaded it and had a play and was still rubbish.

3. Day of the Tentacle
Brilliant game, very funny and engrossing all the same. Many hours spent trying to figure out where to put a hamster etc. remember it would only run through shut down via ms dos as well! Those were the days.

2. Final Fantasy VIII & IX
Really enjoyed these two games and the only ones I've completed so far, great stories and music allow the game to flow well. 8 was a touch header than 9 because of silly magic stuff and ridiculous end boss (4 in a row, I mean wtf?).

1. Roller Coaster Tycoon
Perhaps an easy choice? But it's re-play valuable is massive, I love games where you slowly build and develop something from a plot of land and achieving goals throughout a game. Never was one to add custom stuff, just loved building crazy parks. Took me about 3 months to complete Ghost Town on RCT2!

Honourable mentions go to Battlefield series, Portal, Fifa series and Worms.


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Grew up with Nintendo, worked for Nintendo...so yeah I'm a bit of a Nintendo fanboy.

My top five games of all time are.

1. GoldenEye (N64).
I spent weeks of my life perfecting this game, getting all the cheats, trying to complete a level only getting head shots, trying to get personal best times, finding the Rare easter eggs, working out what Orumov's breiefcase did in the Silo level, killing every ememy and, of course, the multiplayer. My friends and I bunked college to play the multiplayer and I got so good at it, they stopped playing me! Mmm, pistols, Facility on License to Kill mode still makes me smile.

2. Zelda, Ocarina of Time.
Beatuiful game. I loved the sheer size of it. The exploration involved was immense. The characters were fab...everything fitted together so perfectly. The dungeon puzzles were great. Looks a bit dated nowadays, but it's such a perfect game.

3. Zelda, A Link To The Past
This game hasn't dated at all and still frustrates the hell out of me. It's one of those games that I dig out every year or so and play through. My mate Paul and I are playing through it again now (every so often). Few beers, couple of joints and the games has our full attention.

4. Mario Kart (SNES)
Wasted many hours of my life playing this, throwing a strop if somebody spun me off using invincibility or flattened me with lightning bolts. The game is really unfair but awesome fun. I recently wiped the game data and aimed to get gold trophies on all cups and CC classes. 150CC Rainbow Road is impossible, it's the only one I can't do. It's not a serious racer, just a bit of fun, and that's what appeals.

5. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
I was gobsmacked when I first saw the game - it looked so good, I couldn't believe it was on the SNES. I really enjoyed the difficuly curve and the sense of humour it had. I remember being so chuffed with myself when I found the hidden bonus room in the hidden bonus room in Oil Drum Alley. My record for compelting the game 101% is 3 hours The music was pretty neat, too

I never branched out to other platforms (although I did briefly own a Playstation 2). Apart from the odd game here and there with my mates, I no longer play computer games. They don't really interest me. I tend to spend more time playing games on my phone than I do on my old Nintendo consoles.

Youngster Joey

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Intircks: What a cop out

tomahawKSU: Halo 2 was also the most broken. So many memories of rockets that would home vehicles and dual-wielding needlers <3

Kebab: KH2 was a good game just far too easy when compared to the original. Still a great game.


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Bitches aint got **** on my superior and refined taste in video games.



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I haven't played one since I was probably about 16/17, and not really been properly into them since I was even younger than that, so my choices will be of the classic* variety. In no particular order, and slightly cheating with more than 5:

Motal Kombat/Mortal Kombat 2 - For the "extreme" violence that caused OUTRAGE at the time, especially the "Finish Him!" moves.

Streets of Rage 1/2/3 - Just loved this series back in the early '90s

Sonic/Sonic 2 - Just because

The Secret of Monkey Island/Monkey Island 2 - Really fun games with a great sense of humour

Street Fighter 2 - So much of my youth spent on this one

In no order:

- Sonic and Sonic 2
- Crash Bandicoot (the first two or three)
- Spyro (again, don't know which one.. Ripto's Rage?)
- Toy Story (for Genesis <3)
- Paperboy
- Tetris
- Mickey's World of Illusion
- Sims 3
- Roller Coaster Tycoon 2

Okay that's more than five but those are my personal faves!


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Any Fifa. Rofl. Bless.

Final Fantasy VII > All else.

Pokemon Gold is a distant second. Then it's Warhawk, RCT and WoW fighting for the minor places.


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1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
2. Ratchet and Clank (Entire Series)
3. Need for Speed Underground 2/Most Wanted
4. Roller Coaster Tycoon
5. Sim City 3000 and Sim City 4


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Youngster Joey said:
Intricks said:
Youngster Joey said:
Intircks: What a cop out.

What part is the cop out?

5 favorite games of all time. not 5 console 5 pc and 5 handheld. Just 5.

That's just being thorough in a vain attempt to out class my amazing tastes and extrodinarily large E-peen that I spent many currency on to enlarge with M rated game for hardcore gamers, such as my self.