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Top 5 most ridden coasters?

Darren B

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I haven't seen a topic like this for a while, so here, you can have one. I don't expect anyone to remember the exact amount you've ridden a particular coaster but I'm sure everyone can remember the 5 they've ridden the most.

ERT doesn't count, or shall I say only counts as 1 ride. I think that's the only way to make a fair top 5. If you insist on including your ERT then stick it in brackets.

I'm pretty sure my list is accurate but I've no clue how times I've ridden each coaster.

1. (Most ridden) Stealth, Thorpe Park
2. Shockwave, Drayton Manor Park
3. The Big One, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool
4. Nickelodeon Streak, Pleasure Beach, Blackpool
5. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park

The only one I'm unsure of is number 5. It could also be Saw: the ride, Nemesis or Oblivion.


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Think mine are like:

Nemesis, Alton
Flying Fish, Thorpe
Vampire, Chessie
Runaway Train, Chessie
Rattlesnake, Chessie

Not sure really, but them 5 are defiantly high on the list.


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Hard to nail them down but pretty sure the first 2 are correct.

1: Nemesis
2: Stealth
3: Oblivion
4: Rita
5: Nemesis Inferno

3-5 could interchange.

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I'm pretty sure that a similar topic already exist somewhere in this forum, but I can't really be arsed to look for it right now...
My list would probably look like:
1. Katun
2. iSpeed
3. Blue Tornado
4. Magic Mountain
5. Raptor

I'm not exactly sure about the last three. If it's not one of these 3, then it is probably some other coaster from either Gardaland or Mirabilandia...


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I keep track of every ride so I can list a top 10 with ride count:

1 - El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure (334 times)
2 - Great American Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure (210)
3 - Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure (185)
4 - Medusa/Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure (146)
5 - Rolling Thunder at Six Flags Great Adventure (132)
6 - Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce (106)
7 - Cyclone at Coney Island (93)
8 - Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great Adventure (81)
9 - Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure (79)
10 - Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure (57)


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1. Verbolten - 13 times
2. Bizarro - 10 times
3. Three way tie - Griffon; Yankee Cannonball; Canobie Corkscrew - 7 times

After that there's quite a lot that's the same


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Last season I rode Nemesis and The Swarm 13 times each.

I've never recorded before that but I would say The Swarm would probably be top, what with Swarm D-Day ERT I'd say I rode it 20 times in 2012.

After that probably colossus

1.The Swarm
2. Colossus
3. Nemesis
4. Air
5. Oblivion (probably) or maybe Stealth

That's a good one and I wish I knew the actual answer


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Mine's probably something like

1 - Nemesis
2 - oblivion
3 - rattlesnake - Pleasurewood hills (was my local park when I was young)
4 - Roller coaster - Great yarmouth
5 - stealth


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I've never kept track, but based on number of park visits (including working at one of them and riding on breaks etc.), and which coasters I've tended to reride most, it's probably (in no particular order):

1. Magnum Force
2. Atlantis Adventure
3. Nemesis
4. Space Mountain - HKDL
5. The Bullet


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I've never liked the word "ridden". It sounds wrong.

I don't keep records of this sort of thing because I'm not an obsessive.

Anyway, the coasters I have probably rode the most are:

Nemesis Inferno
Flying Fish

Owning a Merlin/Tussauds Annual Pass for the last eight or so years and being close to Thorpe, it's no wonder its coasters feature on my list.


Due to a very empty day I spent at Thorpe once, and the fact that is is my local park, mine are probably -

1. Stealth
2. Colossus
3. Nemesis Inferno
4. Saw
5. X:/ No Way Out


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Ian said:
I don't keep records of this sort of thing because I'm not an obsessive.
This :lol:

Probably for me:

1. Corkscrew at Alton Towers
2. Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers
3. Nemesis
4. Balder (we rode that thing to death over two days)
5. Grand National

I'm not a huge one for re-rides generally, and there are few rides I think are deserving of "whoring" (or that I'm capable of whoring :lol: ). For years though, when Minor_Furie was under 1.4M, I used to ride Corkscrew with him while others did the "big rides", same with RMT. That was in the first few years Family_Furie had annual passes and we were at Alton a couple of times every month at least.

Then Maxi-Minor_Furie also used to drag me on RMT (13 laps one Halloween, never again :p ).

I've always made time for Nemesis a few times every season, but I don't ride every time I go to Alton, so I think it's below Corky and RMT.

Balder, we did ride it dozens of times, trying to find out how to make it any good ;) It's a superbly re-ridable coaster though.

Grand National may be higher than Balder, but I really don't know. Certainly for ten years I will have rode on it at least twice a year. Then a long break (probably 10 years) and back with CF riding it a couple of times a year for five years or so.

TL:DR - Furie doesn't give a ****


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Still a 6FGAm based list for me.
Bull, Batman, Eagle, Whizzer, Viper

Whizzer and Viper might be the other way around. All of them include employee ride events.


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I don't actually re-visit parks awfully often, so when I rank my coasters by the number of rides I've had, you can see it VERY quickly drops off. I've probably ridden Runaway Mine Train every time I've been to Alton, and so you can see how small my list really is. The high number on Nemesis comes from a whole load of school trips back when I was in Year 7-Upper Sixth, as the timing of the trip (just after half-term in May) always seemed to mean the park was deserted later in the day so we'd do 6-7 rides in a row.

1) Nemesis (60)
2) Oblivion (17)
3) Air (16)
4) Rita - Queen of Speed (10)
5) Big Thunder Mountain [DLP] (8)
6) Runaway Mine Train (8)
7) Vampire (8) - a decent number of these are from ERT, but couldn't say how many
8) Nemesis Inferno (7)
9) Kraken (7)
10) Megafobia (7) - again decent number of these are from ERT, but couldn't say how many


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I don't keep count of how many times, or whore coasters that often. So my most ridden coasters are just older ones from the park's I've regularly visited since I was young.

1. Nemesis
2. Vampire
3. The Big Dipper (BPB)
4. Runaway Mine Train
5. Grand National

Chris Coasters

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1. Phoenix - Knoebels
2. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce
3. Canobie Corkscrew - Canobie Lake
4. Yankee Cannonball - Canobie Lake
5. Lightning Racer - Hershey

This is a rough guess. I know Phoenix is one but as far as 3-5 It could be a lot especially from Hershey. I think Lightning Racer is definitely the one I have been on the most at Hershey although Great Bear and Fahrenheit are close behind.


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They are all probably at Cedar Point.

If I were to guess:

1. Raptor
2. Magnum
3. Gemini
4. Millennium Force
5. Blue Streak

Not a bad lineup at all.


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The three coasters at Canobie are at my top. Rode all I would say over 25 times.

1. Yankee Cannonball (25+)
2. Untamed (25+)
3. Canobie Corkscrew (25+)
4. Expedition Everest (16)
5. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit (11)

Bizarro, Gatekeeper, El Toro, Space Mountain, and a few others are up there. I usually lose count the day I am riding them.