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I love my wood coasters I guess. I know some of my rankings are rather weird but they're the coasters I like. I'm curious what other questions do you have?
  1. Twisted Colossus
  2. Iron Rattler
  3. Timber Terror
  4. Outlaw Run
The position of all of these. Some should be higher (Outlaw) and some should be MUCH lower (TC). :)


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So I havent visited any new parks or new coaster creds so far this year:
1. Skyrush: THE BEST SUSTAINED ejector airtime out there to date, insanity and intensity with no rattle or headbanging. "Thighcrush" has been minuscule since they added the new brake run feature (now marathoning it like I do is different :p). The most insane lift hill and drop on a steel coaster. Props is #1 steel. Period.
2. Iron Rattler: Insane pops of ejector at any opportunity (even upside down!), great pacing and duration, just doesnt have sustained moments like...
3. Phoenix: Out of your seat airtime throughout (literally :p), not as rough for its age, just cant compete with more modern thrills for top spot.
4. Storm Runner: Consistent intensity throughout the ride with some unexpected hangtime and airtime moments. Slight rattle in some spots.
5. Superman (SFFT): The better floorless. Insane moments at every opportunity with great pacing. Minimal headbanging overall.
6. Dominator: Most intense floorless Ive ever ridden. What it lacks from the latter is less headbanging and some elements that are different.
7. Volcano: Very intense launches with hangtime elements. Not much come close to that first turn! Does have some slight headbanging in some areas though
8. Impulse: 2nd smoothest coaster Ive ever ridden and the smoothest sit down. Hangtime on the inversions is astounding, if it had better restraints and pacing it would be higher...
9. BTR (SFFT): Very smooth ride with some surprise intensity! Only complaint is that it gets too intense sometimes and jerks you around...
10. Flying Turns: A great remastering of a classic thrill! The laterals definitely make up for airtime on this thing, wish it could be better paced and a tad longer mid section
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^Need to get you on Lightning Rod. That "best sustained" will be challenged by that quad down. :)


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^Need to get you on Lightning Rod. That "best sustained" will be challenged by that quad down. :)
I really wanted to go there this year, and my parents were on board too but their excuse was that "everything burnt down in the widfires" :emoji_rolling_eyes:


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I don't really keep track of the coasters I've ridden, and I only rank them from 1 to 3, so I've never bothered much with a top 10. But after reading this thread, I think I should at least try to narrow down the ten best coasters I've ridden. Note that the ranking might be based on rather hazy memories from many years back, so don't put much faith in it being accurate (even for myself). And there's always the odd chance that I've simply forgotten some coasters I've been on.

1. Helix, Liseberg. Technically the best coaster I've been on. Big, fast, has airtime, great views, snappy transitions, funny forces in all directions, and even an actual helix. It's great fun, well engineered, and highly enjoyable, and therefore nabs the top spot.

2. Formula Rossa, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. This is where the ranking starts to get difficult, but because of that awesome launch and the whole "whoa" feeling of the ride, it gets the #2 spot.

3. Piraten, Djurs Sommerland. Forceful, has airtime, great fun. Been a while since I rode it, though. But I seem to remember having a blast.

4. Expedition Everest, Disney's Animal Kingdom. How do you even rank such a coaster? From the coaster ride alone? Relying purely on forces, what you would feel if you rode it with your eyes closed? If so, this would be a fair bit lower on the list. But Everest is so exquisitely themed, so creatively built and impressively engineered that the coasting bit of it is only a small part of the total experience. The effort put into this ride, from decorations to throughput to the audiovisual on-ride experience, earns it a place in the upper half of my top 10.

5. Balder, Liseberg. Catchy music in the ride station. Great throughput, so you don't have to wait for long. And one heck of a ride, rain or 'shine. A well-built wooden coaster that does not seem to get worse with age (I'd also like to use this spot in the list to lament what Thundercoaster has become over the years - it'd easily be top three if it still rode like I remember it).

6. Stealth, Thorpe Park. Similar to Formula Rossa above. A great rush of a launch, but this time with a great view before a quick and thrilling plummet back towards the ground. Does not seem to have the best capacity out there, though, I had to wait more than an hour to ride it. Then again, I did visit the park during a bank holiday, so it was probably just the sheer number of people that made the waiting time so long.

7. Dragon Challenge, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Two similar coasters, ridden back-to-back, occupying the same area, with the same queue line - yep, I'll rank them together. If I can't distinguish the ride experience of one over the other, no point in ranking them separately. I found it a really fun and pleasant coaster, with an impressively themed queue line. Shame about the lack of duelling, though. And for the record, Hulk was torn down for refurbishment when I visited the park, hence why it's not found in my top 10.

8. SpeedMonster, TusenFryd. Maybe it's clinging on to the top 10 for nostalgia reasons? Or that I haven't really ridden that many coasters, so it kind of deserves the spot anyway? Anyway, I still enjoy riding this coaster, which was the first one I did with a launch and with inversions. It looks good too, and has a better setting with the terrain and the park entrance than most coasters out there.

9. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park. Another one with a 90-minute waiting time, but I remember it being a fun ride in the end. Inverts are fun, generally. Or maybe it's just B&M Inverts, I wouldn't know.

10. Den Aller Minste, TusenFryd. This is such a ridiculous little ride that I can't help personally liking it better than Lisebergbanan, Hollywood RRR, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, and the few other coasters that could have nabbed the number 10 spot if I didn't have such a hard time ranking them. Sure, these rides probably ride much better than Den Aller Minste (also known in the past as Teeny-Weeny, for reasons unknown - the park never used that name), but the whole package of it is so quirky and funny that I still favour it over those overall. I mean, the coaster is so tiny it looks like you could just pick it up and walk away with it! There are two pairs of friction wheels in its entire lift hill, which lifts the train to shoulder height or so! If the coaster was removed, it wouldn't even leave room for a tennis court! Its queue line is five meters long! It's just so adorable, and that makes it one of my personal favourites. For those reasons, it's likely to stay in my top 10 for a while, and if it ever drops, I'll consider reserving the 11th spot for it.

Also, my top 3 "dubious creds", which some people would count and some people wouldn't - I solve it elegantly by listing them in a separate list.

A. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. A really fun and well-themed ride. Somebody put a lot of love into this one, and the result is a really thrilling one. I'm not too thrilled about the giant spiders (okay, fear is related to thrill, so maybe), but otherwise it's a really solid ride with what might possibly be the best queue line ever.

B. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringott's, Universal Studios Florida. Also really, really fun, but I'd rank it a smidge lower than its cousin across the studios lot. The part of the queue going through the main bank hall blew me away completely.

C. Bobbanen, Kongeparken. It's an alpine coaster, and it's fairly long. Good fun to ride, although if you heed the signage and stop before the station, you'll have a hard time getting it going again. You must slowly scooch the cart into the station to disembark. The lift hill is also a little tiring because it's fairly steep, lasts for several minutes, and there's no back rest. Great little ride, though! Also, it's the last of the three rides on my "dubious top 10", hence why it's not a top 10 list yet.


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It is probably the most underrated coaster in the US. It looks like a basic out and back but it has some of the very best floater I've ever experienced.
Definitely tough to visit as it's in the middle of literally no where. Not like, "an hour outside of town" no where, but like 6 hours from anywhere outside of town. I was thinking about a Northwest USA drive sometime including a stop there.


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1. Outlaw Run
2. X2
3. Maverick
4. Iron Rattler
5. Joker (SFDK)
6. Twisted Colossus
7. Voyage
8. New Texas Giant
9. Prowler
10. Superman: Krypton Coaster

IR gets too much hate, it's fantastic. SKC had a bit of a rattle and the trim bit going into the cobra hard, but just a perfect B&M.

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I keep my coasters in tiers because my top ten was basically a tie for #2 and #3 anyway. If I were to actually make a ten list, it would be something like this, the lines separate tiers:
Indiana Jones Adventure - my favorite ride of all time including coasters.
1. Twisted Colossus - Fantastic ride. It was my first real airtime coaster, and the first ride I traveled to a specific park to ride. There's just so much I love, from the length to the drops to the airtime that I forgive it for not having the greatest theming.
2. Cannibal - Definition of insanity
3. Tatsu - Also the definition of insanity, but barely any theming
4. Silver Star - Completely blew me away, incredibly aggressive air on every hill and very forceful
5. Wodan - Super fast with awesome laterals, ejector, tunnels, line, overbanks. Could be slighly longer
6. Intimidator 305 - The sensation of being ripped from the train on the transitions, not to mention the sheer size
7. California Screamin' - Just an all around fun ride. Some great airtime moments, good drops, a VERY forceful loop, and an awesome soundtrack.
8. Joker (SFDK) - Inversions and overbanks aren't the greatest but this ride packs a lot in, and is nonstop
9. Gold Striker - Incredibly fast, some great ejector, shorter ride
10. Rebel Yell - Super fun ride. You get that great classic woodie feeling and it's bumpy enough for air but not painful. I debated a lot over this spot, but I put this over Riddler's Revenge because I remember Rebel Yell better

I'm trying to get down to Carowinds and SFOG still so this could change.

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Since I posted, I made a couple changes in my Top 10.

1. Lightning Rod
2. Voyage
3. X2
4. Maverick
5. Storm Chaser
6. Twisted Colossus
7. Goliath (GAm)
8. Magnum XL-200
9. Tatsu
10. Millennium Force

I had Lightning Rod at my #2 spot, and I realized how I was underrating it for myself. Airtime is everything. 'Nuff said. I basically use the reasoning used by Hixee for my stance (and no, his post did not make me realize I prefer Lightning Rod)

I've also VERY slightly placed Storm Chaser above Twisted Colossus. There was a bit of disappointment on Twisted Colossus, and while the experience was slightly better, Storm Chaser never disappointed.
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1. Outlaw Run
2. X2
3. Maverick
4. Iron Rattler
5. Joker (SFDK)
6. Twisted Colossus
7. Voyage
8. New Texas Giant
9. Prowler
10. Superman: Krypton Coaster

IR gets too much hate, it's fantastic. SKC had a bit of a rattle and the trim bit going into the cobra hard, but just a perfect B&M.

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To be honest, I thought IR gets too much praise, especially in comparison to it's far superior topper cousins. The airtime is lacking and the overall pacing, short of a great drop and solid airitme in the first half, is meh at best. To be fair, I did ride it a day after Outlaw, but after riding Wicked Cyclone and Storm Chaser, it only cements my feelings further.
^ Iron Rattler, more than any other RMC, had to grow on me a bit. The first ride, I really thought it was lacking. I don't know how many times you rode it, but we sat on it four or five times in a row and each time it got better and better. Yeah, it's short and the pacing isn't great thanks to that slithery part in the middle, but it has quite a few wow moments packed into a relatively short layout.


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To be honest, I thought IR gets too much praise, especially in comparison to it's far superior topper cousins. The airtime is lacking and the overall pacing, short of a great drop and solid airitme in the first half, is meh at best. To be fair, I did ride it a day after Outlaw, but after riding Wicked Cyclone and Storm Chaser, it only cements my feelings further.
Any time it is mentioned, you have simply referred to it as "Meh" for the past 4 years. In my two rides, I enjoyed the first one more, in the back, compared to the front, which is the opposite of most RMC I have ridden. The fact that it doesn't lag at the end like Joker, NTG, and I'm a different way, Colossus, is why I have it better. You can tell where they have advanced as a company since this, especially on the second cliff part.

Knowing what I'll be riding in the next year, it won't be in my top ten this time next year, but as of this exact second, it's the best of the Iron Horse. Now if I go ride Storm Chaser in next few weeks, probably will change.

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After hitting tons of parks for the past two weeks or so, and hitting 200 credits (Goliath SFGA!) its time for an update:
new for 2017 or moved in bold
  1. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
  3. Goliath - Six Flags Great America
  4. Fury 325 - Carowinds
  5. Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer
  6. Skyrush - Hershey Park (moved up because of visit last week :))
  7. Maverick - Cedar Point
  8. Voyage - Holiday World
  9. Leviathan - Canada’s Wonderland
  10. Shivering Timbers - Michigans Adventure
  11. Phantom’s Revenge - Kennywood
  12. Diamondback - Kings Island
  13. Behemoth - Canada’s Wonderland
  14. Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom
  15. Lightning Racer - Hershey Park
  16. Superman The Ride - Six Flags New England
  17. Millennium Force - Cedar Point
  18. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce
  19. Phoenix - Knoebels
  20. Lightning Run - Kentucky Kingdom
  21. Mystic Timbers - Kings Island
  22. Rougarou - Cedar Point
  23. Superman - Six Flags America
  24. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion
  25. Apollo’s Chariot - Busch Gardens Europe


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Updated top 10 (new in bold)
1. Skyrush
2. Maverick
3. Iron Rattler
4. Phoenix
5. Top Thrill Dragster
6. Stormrunner
7. Millennium Force
8. Superman (SFFT)
9. Dominator
10. Volcano


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Not sure when I last posted here but I just got back from the big trip this year, so here goes! Might as well call this post "Revenge of the Modern Wooden Coasters," as some of the wooden coasters I rode out there really took some high spots.

1. Lightning Rod
2. Skyrush
3. Wicked Cyclone
4. Outlaw Run
5. Storm Chaser
6. Goliath
7. Fury 325
8. Hades 360
9. The Voyage
10. Cheetah Hunt
11. Renegade
12. Mystic Timbers
13. Avalanche
14. El Toro
15. Superman: The Ride
16. Ravine Flyer II
17. Viper
18. Boulder Dash
19. Millennium Force
20. Maverick
21. Leviathan
22. Banshee
23. Wooden Warrior
24. Raging Bull
25. Phoenix
26. Thunderbird
27. Powder Keg
28. Magnum XL-200
29. Top Thrill Dragster
30. X-Flight
31. Ride of Steel
32. Behemoth
33. Full Throttle
34. Cyclops
35. Lightning Run
36. Diamondback
37. Thunderhead
38. Montu
39. Stormrunner
40. Skull Mountain