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Luca B

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I went to Spain and Finland so I may as well update my top list, new coasters are in bold

  1. Lightning Rod
  2. Skyrush
  3. Zadra
  4. Steel Vengeance
  5. Storm Chaser
  6. El toro
  7. Voyage
  8. Hyperion
  9. Lightning run
  10. Expedition GeForce
  11. Untamed
  12. Twisted colossus
  13. Taiga
  14. Der Schwur Des Kärnan
  15. Fury 325
  16. Lech Coaster
  17. Twisted cyclone
  18. Wildfire
  19. Phantoms Revenge
  20. Maverick
  21. X2
  22. Taron
  23. GhostRider
  24. Magnum XL 200
  25. Red Force
  26. Storm runner
  27. Goliath (WH)
  28. Goliath (SFOG)
  29. Kingda Ka
  30. Shambhala
  31. Junker
  32. Tatsu
  33. Thunderhead
  34. Troy
  35. Diamondback
  36. Silver Star
  37. Nitro
  38. Steel Curtain
  39. Millennium Force
  40. Fahrenheit

    To start off, Taiga is definitely the best new coaster I rode this year, it has some great inversions, airtime and positives, however I feel like a few of the elements are weaker and do let the ride down a bit

    Red Force was probably the biggest surprise of the year, whilst the launch doesn’t compare to a hydraulic launch, the top hat was incredible; the sustained air combined with the restraints made it one of my all time favourite elements and then the small hill in the middle of the brakes gave a great pop of ejector.

    Shambhala was pretty much as expected, it was pretty similar to Diamondback but with a better ending.

    Junker was also a nice suprise, the launch was not as good as Novgorod’s or Anubis’, but the top hat has some incredible ejector, the inversions are executed flawlessly except for the dive loop, and there are a few more good airtime moments during the rest of the layout.
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Bearing in mind I’m a newbie so not been to many parks yet lol...
1) Icon
2) The Big One (that first drop 😱)
3) Wicker Man
4) The Odyssey (another great first drop!)
5) Rollercoaster (Great Yarmouth PB)
6) The Smiler
7) Nemesis
8) Revolution
9) The Big Dipper
10) Oblivion
11) Galactica
12) Nickelodeon Streak
13) Th13teen LOL
14) Grand National
15) Rita
16) The Avalanche
17) Millennium
18) Spinning Racer
19) Spinball Whizzer
20) Rockin Roller


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Here's an update to my list after a small mid-Atlantic trip and a west coast trip. New credits in bold.
Python in Bamboo Forest
Hades 360
Boulder Dash
8. X2 - I knew I'd love X2 just based upon my Dinoconda rides. Still it blew me away with the relentless intensity and bizarre forces. I came off the ride laughing hysterically. Love it
OCT Thrust
12. Tremors - I lucked out and visited Silverwood right after a rain storm. Tremors was absolutely hauling and delivered some incredible rides, just loaded to the brim with airtime and laterals. No gimmicks, just a great ride from start to finish
Lightning Run
Storm Chaser
Superman The Ride
Phantom's Revenge
Steel Vengeance
El Toro
Gale Force
Time Traveler
Zippin Pippin
Ravine Flyer II
25. Intimidator 305 - What an intensity monster. The forces are crushing and there's even some good airtime. One of the rare rides where I prefer front row
Dauling Dragon (Red)
Boardwalk Bullet
Lost Coaster of Superstition
Other notable entries outside of my top 30 (where ranking gets really fuzzy)
31. Ghostrider - Waited 3.5 hours for this one, and paired with my high expectations, it was going to be hard for this coaster to surpass my hopes. It delivers some great airtime and laterals throughout most of the layout but there were a couple duds. Will definitely need to come back for more rides and a more accurate assessment
35. Wild One - Classic wooden coaster goodness. Loaded up with top notch airtime I fell in love with this classic that originally operated in my home state!
49. Apocalypse - What an underrated GCI! Actually my favorite American GCI thus far and second favorite at SFMM. Well paced, good airtime, and signature GCI feel, executed extremely well
50. Twisted Colossus - This is definitely a good example of the individual parts not adding to the sum. Strictly talking about quality of elements, this would be in the top tier of RMCs and probably in my top 30, however, the first half of the layout is the highlight, then comes an obnoxiously slow lift to throw off the pacing, and then a less impressive version of the first half. Still, the elements themselves are great and worthy of top 50 for me.
51. Twisted Timbers - This one felt a bit like it was going through the motions. Carrying out the same sensations as just about every RMC but in a less impressive manner a lot of the time. Brownie points for the triple sustained airtime hills at the start though, a definitive highlight
55. Ice Mountain Bobsleds - On paper this probably shouldn't even be in my top 200, but hey, I had a blast on this super fun coaster and really cute park. It's so janky and bizarre. It's one of those coasters that just makes you feel like a child. There's even a couple pops of airtime which are loads more fun with no real restraint system
56. Timber Terror - CCI doesn't make bad coasters and they didn't start here. Great airtime and laterals but nothing in particular that will set it apart too much from other CCIs. But, I'm a sucker for the sustained air


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After a day at Kings Island:

(changes and new additions in bold)

1. i305 (0)
2. Skyrush (0)
3. Twisted Timbers (0)
4. Phoenix (0)
5. El Toro (0)
6. Beast (0) - I wanted so badly for this to move up after my visit, but while it had absolutely improved since my last visit and bolstered its spot in my top 10, I can’t bring myself to rank it above Toro. Night rides are phenomenal though, and the helix legitimately scared me.
7. Kumba (0)
8. Mystic Timbers (0)
9. Flying Aces (0)
10. Orion (New) - Two afternoon back row rides showed that this was on the same level as Candymonium, and a front row night ride proved it was better. Honestly can’t decide between back and front.


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My personal:

outlaw run
Time traveler

one two one park is what it is. That’s heaven for me personally

Steel vengeance
Millennium force
Maxx force
El toro
Gemini (nostalgia)
Any B&M wing coaster


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Update! New in bold and changes in italics

2.Flying AcesFerrari World Abu Dhabi
3.UntamedWalibi Holland
4.X2Six Flags Magic Mountain
5.ShambhalaPortAventura Park
8.Expedition GeForceHoliday Park
10.Black MambaPhantasialand
11.TatsuSix Flags Magic Mountain
12.Wild MouseLuna Park
13.KarachoErlebnispark Tripsdrill
14.Hair RaiserOcean Park
15.Giant DipperSanta Cruz Beach Boardwalk
16.PulsarWalibi Belgium
17.Lost GravityWalibi Holland
18.NemesisAlton Towers
19.Wild MousePleasure Beach Blackpool
20.GoliathWalibi Holland
21.Silver StarEuropa Park
22.Oblivion - The Black HoleGardaland
23.Gravity MaxDiscovery World
24.Wodan Timbur CoasterEuropa Park
26.Superman EscapeWarner Bros. Movie World
27.Hyperspace MountainHong Kong Disneyland
28.Joris en de Draak (Vuur)Efteling
29.Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine CarsHong Kong Disneyland
30.KumbaBusch Gardens Tampa

Untamed is amazing, though it is a bit too agressive on my thighs for my liking, which kind of limits its reridability and that's pretty much why I rank it below the two Intamins. Shame, with better restraint system it would've been an easy number 1.

Troy was running really great and I feel like it was even better than the last time round. Great pacing, lots of small pops of airtime and just the perfect woodie feel on it.

Lost Gravity was really fun. Wacky little layout and it definitely felt unique. And it has fire, so bonus points for that.

Goliath doesn't really have that magic for me that it did 7 years ago. Idk if something changed with the ride or if it's just the rather uninspired layout that doesn't make it as special anymore compared to the newer coasters. I would love to get more rides than just the one I had, but the park was running a single train with social distancing on a busy Sunday, so Untamed took preference on the day.

Fenix is pretty great. That first drop and airtime hill combo are easily better than what the other wing coasters do. The rest of the layout isn't that special and I feel like it could've done a bit more with it.

Sadly I didn't manage to re-visit Efteling this time round, since the social distancing rule was still in place on the rides over there, which resulted in massive queues even on weekdays. It just didn't seem like I could have an enjoyable day if I went there.


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1) München Looping, Travelling Fairs

2) Icon, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

3) Smiler, Alton Towers

4) Saw, Thorpe Park

5) Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park

6) Oblivion, Alton Towers

7) Revolution, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

8) OzIris, Parc Astérix

9) Wicker Man, Alton Towers

10) Cannonball Express, Pleasurewood Hills

11) ShockWave, Drayton Manor

12) Stealth, Thorpe Park

13) Wilde Maus XXL, Travelling Fairs

14) Nemesis, Alton Towers

15) Dragon's Fury, Chessington

16) Vampire, Chessington

17) Storm Chaser, Paultons Park

18) Roller Coaster, Great Yarmouth

19) Cobra, Paultons Park

20) Goudurix, Parc Astérix

21) Swarm, Thorpe Park

22) Colossus, Thorpe Park

23) Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

24) Spinball Whizzer, Alton Towers

25) Rattlesnake, Chessington

50) Magic Mouse, Dreamland

75) Ladybird, Wicksteed Park

EDIT: Spaced them apart to increase readability. Also added my #50 and #75 to give an idea of how coasters "drop off".
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Big news guys!

After careful thought, Saw is no longer in my top 10. Or even my top 20! See, I'm about to visit some exciting European parks over the next few weeks, and decided to get my mess of a Top 20 in order beforehand. This way I can compare and contrast after the trips!

As much as I enjoy Saw and it's probably my most ridden coaster ever, on deeper reflection, I realised there's many other coasters I would rather ride than Saw.

So without further ado, here is my new Top 20. Wonder how much this will change after I return to Walibi Belgium though...

1. Fluch Von Novgorod

2. Hyperion

3. Phantom's Revenge

4. Zadra

5. Maverick

6. Stealth

7. The Voyage

8. Mako

9. Hakugei

10. Silver Star

11. Icon

12. Joris en de Draak

13. Shambhala

14. Wildfire

15. Fahrenheit

16. Nitro

17. Piraten

18. Oz'Iris

19. Taron

20. Red Force

Matt N

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Wow @Serena; what is it that made you drop Saw after all these years, if anything in particular?

Also, if you don’t mind me asking; what is it that made you put Icon above Taron? I’m not quibbling with you or criticising by any means (Icon is my #2, and #1 in the UK, and I seem to be one of the ride’s biggest fans among UK enthusiasts!), but I was interested to know because it’s not a very common opinion.


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Wow @Serena; what is it that made you drop Saw after all these years, if anything in particular?

Also, if you don’t mind me asking; what is it that made you put Icon above Taron? I’m not quibbling with you or criticising by any means (Icon is my #2, and #1 in the UK, and I seem to be one of the ride’s biggest fans among UK enthusiasts!), but I was interested to know because it’s not a very common opinion.

When I was getting stuck in re-evaluating my top coasters, I realised that there are loads of coasters I would rather ride than Saw. Saw has a lot of sentimental value for me and is one of my most ridden coasters; but I don't think that's enough for it to make the cut anymore.

The thing I look for most in a coaster is where a ride just makes you feel alive. It's not a quantifiable factor like airtime, inversions, speed...I can never look at a coaster stats and know off the back of them alone that I will enjoy a ride. I look for the less tangible factors - a ride that makes you smile, cheer and want to rush back round for another go. Icon always gives me this feeling of joy. It's a fantastic coaster, easily my favourite by Mack. I could ride it all day and never stop smiling. That coaster is worth the massive drive to Blackpool alone.

Taron is impressive. Great theme, excellent music, cool layout - it's difficult to fault Taron. But for some reason Taron just doesn't spark the same joy that Icon does for me. I like Taron. But I love Icon.


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I hope I used the most recent post as a basis.
My rankings have changed quite a lot for several reasons. Of course time and rerides can change your opinion, and I am no different. In addition, I made a small Excel-sheet comparing every ride 1v1 and asking the question: If a park has both coasters, which would I ride more often? This resulted in some changes I did not expect.

1. Hyperion @ Energylandia: Were do I start? The best first drop, the best airtime moments, the best turnaround, the best restraints, good intensity and a grin guaranteed. It's not flawless, the outer seats are quite rough and the floater hill + overbanked are boring, but the rest more then makes up for this. However, I have to be honest that one train was quite rough. If it's getting rougher, I might have to actually drop it after more than 3 years at my top.

2. Taiga @ Linnanmäki (was #3): Take Taron, put it on the side of a mountain, increase its intensity and let a drunk guy redesign the layout and you get Taiga. This ride has several WTF-Intamin moments and has a great flow with little to no weaknesses. Easily the best Launch coaster I have ever done and simply world class. I would switch my Intamin next door anytime for this beauty.

3. Lech Coaster @ Legendia (new): 3 words: Lech is back. After my last ride in 2019, I was really quite disappointed in how it rode. It felt like a family thrill ride and not the crazy beast I have done a year earlier. Well, I got on it a few days ago, and it felt so great having Lech back. Allthough it does not feel as intense as I remember (I have done nearly 300 coasters since then), it still was a intense experience. The only ride to this day that brought me close to a black-out, with amazing airtime moments throughout the layout and the typical new-gen Vekoma flow. Add the perfect setting at the lake, and you really have a awesome ride at your disposal.

4. Kondaa @ Walibi Belgium (new): This is one of the rides I was suprised finding it that high on my list, but going with the new method of ranking, it earned its spot. Awesome trains, great elements and good airtime throughout the whole layout, mixed in with some twistyness for good measures. Due to the flooding in July, I did not get a chance to experience it on a really hot day yet, but I am looking forward to a summer ride. The biggest downside: Kondaa needs to be warmed up to really show its full potential.

5. Abyssus @ Energylandia (new): Well... another suprise for me. The front row is good, but not breathtaking, but in the last row... it feels like another coaster. With some really intense positives in places, it is the most intense coaster at the park. Even the first airtime moments are good, but the ones in the second half are REALLY good. In addition, it is really smooth and comfortable. I still feel like it needs some time to get the last 2 seconds of speed, but I feel like it is just a matter of time. Looking forward for next summer!

6. Zadra @ Energylandia (was #2): That damn restraints. That frigging awful restraints, RMC got from a museum of medieval torture. Change it restraints to something decent, and it would make it into the Top 3. Really a shame, that RMC tries to have the worst restraints on the market... The layout is great, with an awesome sense of speed and intense airtime moments mixed with some intense twists.

7. F.L.Y @ Phantasialand (new) F.L.Y. is quite of an outsider on this list, being not really intense, and kind of slow paced. But the flying position makes every element so great. That airtime pop in the front row after the second launch... amazing. F.L.Y. does many things, other coasters simply can't, and that makes it special.

8. Helix @ Liseberg: (was #4) I had high expectations, and it delivered. Not as smooth as you'd expect from Mack, but great layout, and great airtime moments. I can't decide on my favourite element, as they are mostly all great.

9. Monster @ Walygator (was #6)This ride can really hurt you, because it is really intense in places. I'd call it my alltime number 2 in terms of intensity (no. 1 being Lech coaster prior to the wheel cooling). The final helix really hurts you legs because it keeps pushing you in the seat. But damn I like love this craziness and intensity. Yes, the ride has some dead spots, but it really needs it, to give you a chance to calm a little bit down. The exit of the Cobra roll is out of this world. As this one is not trimmed at all, you really need to give it a try on a hot day.

10. BigFM Expedition GeForce @ Holiday Park (was #9) Maybe one of the most overhyped rides on this planet, but I see where the hype comes frome. It is not perfect, and it's layout is not without weaknesses. The first drop feels so intense, and especially the first 2 airtime hills deliver. B
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Here are my top 10 ! The names in bold are the new coasters in my 2021 ranking.

1. Ride to Happiness (Plopsaland De Panne)
2. Kondaa (Walibi Belgium)
3. Shambhala (PortAventura)
4. Taron (Phantasialand)
5. The Smiler (Alton Towers)
6. Karacho (Tripsdrill)
7. Goliath (Walibi Holland)
8. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)
9. Raptor (Gardaland)
10. Dragon Khan (PortAventura)
11. Red Force (Ferrari Land)
12. Fénix (Toverland)
13. Black Mamba (Phantasialand)
14. Oblivion : The Black Hole (Gardaland)
15. Wodan : TimburCoaster (Europa-Park)
16. Winja's Fear (Phantasialand)
17. FLY (Phantasialand)
18. Alpina Blitz (Nigloland)
19. Hals-über-Kopf (Tripsdrill)
20. Blue Fire (Europa-Park)


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Belgium has entered the chat.

1. Helix - Liseberg
2. Ride to Happiness - Plopsaland de Panne
3. Python in Bamboo Forest - Wanda Nanchang
4. Jungle Trailblazer - Fantawild Dreamland Zhengzhou
5. Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain
6. Skyrush - Hersheypark
7. Taiga - Linnanmäki
8. Flying Aces - Ferrari World
9. Eejanaika - Fuji-Q Highland
10. Wood Coaster - Knight Valley

11. Hakugei - Nagashima Spa Land
12. Zadra - Energylandia
13. Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion
14. Fjord Flying Dragon - Happy Valley Tianjin
15. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure
16. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England
17. Lightning Rod - Dollywood
18. Untamed - Walibi Holland
19. Kondaa - Walibi Belgium
20. OCT Thrust SSC1000 - Happy Valley Wuhan
21. DC Rivals Hypercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World
22. Taron - Phantasialand
23. Hyperion - Energylandia

24. Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan
25. Jungle Trailblazer - Oriental Heritage Wuhu


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  1. Steel Vengeance
  2. Maverick
  3. Time Traveler
  4. Outlaw Run
  5. Goliath SFOG
  6. Mystic Timbers
  7. Twisted Cyclone
  8. Goliath SFGAm
  9. Millennium Force
  10. MaxxForce
  11. Magnum XL
  12. Raptor CP
  13. Raging Bull
  14. Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast
  15. Powder Keg
(New creds this year: Raptor, GateKeeper, Gemini, Rougarou, The Branson Coaster, American Eagle, Batman SFGAm, Superman SFGAm)


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After visiting re-visiting Europa Park, Walibi Belgium and EnergyLandia recently, here's how the top 20 looks now. Note that a certain new Intamin surprisingly did not make the cut, but a certain GCI that never wowed me previously has. You really can't predict these things!

1. Zadra

2. Fluch Von Novgorod

3. Phantom's Revenge

4. Maverick

5. Stealth

6. Hyperion

7. The Voyage

8. Mako

9. Silver Star

10. Hakugei

11. Icon

12. Joris en de Draak

13. Shambhala

14. Wildfire

15. Fahrenheit

16. Nitro

17. Oz'Iris

18. Taron

19. Red Force

20. Wodan

Matt N

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I’ve got to say @Serena, the fact that 2 of Europa’s big 3 appears in your top 20 among your rather high coaster count makes me very excited for my visit next year! I was excited for Europa’s coasters anyway given that Europa’s big 3 exactly parallels my present top 3 (Mako, Icon, Wicker Man) in terms of ride types present, but your new list has added to that excitement for me!

I’ve had no major changes to my own list since last posting, but a few reshuffles have occurred, and I know the team’s cutoff for the site’s yearly favourite coasters poll is looming, if that’s still happening this year (@Hyde and @Pokemaniac, if the poll is happening, the cutoff is usually Halloween isn’t it?), so I may as well chime in with my end of 2021 top 10. I’ll keep it brief for now, as you’ve heard my opinion on a lot of these before:
  1. Mako - SeaWorld Orlando
  2. Icon - Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  3. Wicker Man - Alton Towers
  4. Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee
  5. Oblivion - Alton Towers
  6. Montu - Busch Gardens Tampa
  7. SheiKra - Busch Gardens Tampa
  8. The Swarm - Thorpe Park (was #4)
  9. Nemesis Inferno - Thorpe Park
  10. Nemesis - Alton Towers (was #11)
I know you’ll all probably laugh at this top 10 for how basic it is, but I can only speak from my own experiences. With my planned visit to Europa, I’m hoping it’ll at least be slightly altered this time next year…


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1 - Lech Coaster (I had a legendary riding session on this - perfect)

2 - Hyperion (breathtaking speed and height - super top tier.... in the right seat)

3 - Zadra (would be the top spot but the restraints were a little awkward for me)

4 - Expedition GeForce (wild and intense)

5 - Shambhala (comfy and graceful dreamy floater machine)

6 - Taron (super twisty and long - much better in the front row for the visual feast)

7 - Incredible Hulk (the launch and the first part over the lake are both outstanding - when you’re on this ride, you know you’re on holiday)

8 - Montu (elite B&M inverted classic)

9 - Nemesis (intense and forceful - the first half still holds up to this day)

10 - Wodan (out of control and surprising - great fun)

One year on, here's my updated assessment:

1 - Zadra

2 - Hyperion

3 - Lech Coaster

4 - Expedition GeForce

5 - Shambhala

7 - Nemesis

8 - Incredible Hulk

9 - Montu

9 - Taron

10 - Wodan

From my experiences, the top 3 are interchangeable and sit in a category above the rest. However, Energylandia's offerings were so strong this year (particularly Zadra) that I must acknowledge their compelling might, for the present.