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Thorpe Park |"The Swarm"| B&M Wing Coaster

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Martyn B

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It does make me laugh at how we always say this with pretty much every new coaster. Its in its early stages of testing, in fact, that may well be the first ever test run of that specific train?

Either that, or the trims is lethal! :lol:


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furie said:
Now, testing will start very soon and we can have the mass of posts discussing how slow and disappointing it looks, then the optimists saying it's not fully loaded/warmed up/running at full speed/will be great anyway posts.

Fun, fun, fun!

It's as though I can see into the future ;)

I agree with Ian, the trains look really graceful going around the track :)


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I think it looks fine. The only point where it slows down considerably is round the inversions but you need to remember that this is the first TEST run on a cold morning in winter.
Looks like it'll be good fun to ride. :)

Also. Where's the helicopter?


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Agreed with Phil and Ian. Loving the graceful glide of it.

Much like the importance of the theming I also think these wingriders are not about speed (and lets face it, what B&Ms are these days - don't actually go off on one answering that :p) they are about an overall experience of riding with nothing above or below etc etc. The overall experience may very well overshadow any speed issues that MIGHT still be present when it opens. But it is clear that in cold coasters run slower so people should breathe a moment before they get disheartened.

And yes, as Ollie said... Where has the helicopter got to?


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I assume its just not been installed yet? Its not as if the coaster is opening in a week or anything, they've got plenty of time. Surely thats just the same as saying 'where is the entrance sign?!'

I'm actually suprised that it takes the zero g so fast, I thought that part would be slower.


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Well of course, I only ask (as did Ollie) because the rest of the known theming for the coaster itself has been installed for some time now


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Did it really only take 30 seconds from lifthill to brake run? AND it's slow? It can't be THAT short surely? That'd be absurd. A sub-30 second coaster when potentially "up-to-speed". Eeeeeeep.

No! Bad Neal! Must love Swarm and not watch videos and wait for actual coaster to deserve judgement! Good boy! ^_^


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I think it looks pretty good, gliding well at the moment and it'll likely get faster than that. We always new the layout would be short and first tests always seem slow, no surprises here for me whatsoever. I'm still looking forward to riding it.


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For it's first run, I think it looks very good, very graceful and the pacing is just a tad off what I was expecting although that will of course improve.

Thorpe have got themselves a really good coaster here.


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That video looks amazing. Really can't wait to ride now. Though I don't think it is slow, it does look quite slow at the top of a few elements.


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Exactly. I think it went pretty fast round most the layout. The only part I'd say was slow was going through the top of the elements. It'll feel a lot faster when you're on it as well. Quite looking forward to this. :)


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I'm probably one of the few here that like its slow majestic elements as is. The zero-g will probably be extremely nice and "floaty", and that wingover just looks immense.

I'm weird though. Don't mind me.


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Love the sound it makes! Is a little slow but thats ok, its all about the theme, near misses and big sweeping inversions. I do however wish it was longer, Thorpe does have the best rides but there all quite short and it would have been nice to have it a bit longer!


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I personally don't mind about the speed at which the inversions are taken, more time spent upside down eh?

Agreed, it does look pretty slow, however I was surprised at how quick the half - twist of the "THORPE PARK INVERSION" was taken!

Coasters are ALWAYS slow on the first tests!

How many trains has this got??


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Thorpe Park Mania have just posted footage of the in-line twist. From the looks of things it's literally going to fly OVER the station as opposed to be besides it.




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^ Now that is cool!!
How much will the people in the station be able to see this element?
Like, will the station roof be completely enclosed, partially enclosed, or the way it is now?


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^It would kind of take away from the ruined church idea if the church had a roof. I think it'll be mostly visible from in the station.

Looks good, sounds good, and runs at a good speed. My only problem with it is that its pretty short.
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