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Theme park Monopoly cards


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"Taylor makes a post on CoasterForce. Every player misses a go as they're too busy bickering".

"You win a Christmas competition on CoasterForce. Ian from CoasterForce sends you a ''Get out of FlamingoJailLand free card''.

"You decide to smoke some weed. Go to 'Thorpe Park' where you'll fit right in''.

"You decide to queue for The Smiler during it's opening season. Go to 'First Aid' to get patched up. And take that bolt with you''.


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Smithy said:
"You decide to queue for The Smiler during it's opening season. Go to 'First Aid' to get patched up. And take that bolt with you''.

HA. Serious lol. That is grand.

"You go to Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and don't realise one of the coasters is a cred. Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200".


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"You visit Alton Towers on a Gypsy Weekend, and end up getting into fights with many people. Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not go back to work. Do not collect your wages."

"Take a trip to the Forbidden Valley Skyride station – If you pass Nemesis, ride it."

"You visit Sea World in Australia, and choke on a vile stodgy burger and raw chips. Collect $50 in compensation."

"You are forced to enter Kings Dominion. Advance to the exit as quickly as possible."

"Make general repairs on all of your rides. For each flat ride, pay £150k. For each coaster, pay £500k."

"Customer service error in your favour. Collect free fast pass tickets."

"You ride a Chance Toboggan. Doctor's fee, pay £50."

"Take you kids out of school to visit Disney World. Pay school fees of £150."

"Toy Story Midway Mania Fast Pass – This card may be kept until needed, or traded/sold."

"Take a walk on the [Santa Cruz Beach] Boardwalk – Advance token to Giant Dipper."

Mysterious Sue

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That's it, this topic is just too epic. I'm just going to have to make it to play at the next CF games night.

I reckon parks should be represented as streets and you should build creds instead of houses (perhaps starting with kiddy creds and upgrading - I could tailor them for each park). I'll need a cornflake box and some of that modelling clay that you bake. I'll try and use all these suggestions for chance cards, but might need to alter the penalty values to make to playable.

Anyone got any advice?


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I made a CF Monopoly many years ago. I can't remember any of it now though - sorry. It's harder than it first appears though :lol: I'd have Blackpool as the "Water Works" though and Adventure Island as "Eclectic Company" :)

As it's topical, here's my collection of benefit claimer clichéd cards

"Dole cheque arrives, advance to Thorpe Park"

"Caught spitting on the chav bus, ignore fine of £25 and add it to your pile of County Court Judgements"

"Use disability letter and advance to Free Parking"

"Saw is well wicked innit blud - pay £10 for fast pass"

"Take the opportunity while queuing for Stealth to go all the way with Declan. Collect £25 child benefit in 9 turns time"

"Take selfies with your iPhone while on Tidal Wave. Receive replacement bill for water damaged phone for £550"

"Beat up a foreigner. Collect new iPhone"

"Try to win a 40" flat screen TV on a game stall. Realise too late it would be a downgrade to your current one. Give HB Leisure £50"

"Get your tits out on the Log Flume ORP. Pay £30 for tee-shirts for potential fathers of your next kid"

"Show how hard you are by swimming in the rapids. Go directly to fail. Do not pass go, do not collect incapacity benefit"

"Stop in the bar to watch your friends Kath and Ashley on Jeremy Kyle. Miss a turn"

"You have collected Sun tokens, upgrade Thorpe Park to Alton Towers"

Mysterious Sue

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Haha thanks furie. Why am I not surprised you've already done one!
I was thinking UK based. So ride manufacturers for the trains (B&M, Intamin, Vekoma and S&S). Not sure on the water/gasworks though. Flat manufacturers? Huss and Fabrri? Or maybe designers of our old woodies - Charles Paige and William Strickler. More thought needs to go into this. John Wardley needs to be involved as some kind of get out of jail free card I think.


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^ Sue, get one made for Saturday!

"Chessington World of Adventures refuse to take in abandoned rabbits. Miss three turns while you post OUTRAGE on their Facebook page."

"Your child is is too short to ride Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures. Miss five turns while you post OUTRAGE on their Facebook page and on Mumsnet."

"You eat a Rollover at Drayton Manor. Miss a turn while you have chronic diarrhea."

"You buy chips at Flamingoland. Pay The Gibb Family £20."

"You are queing for Mumbo Jumbo at Flamingoland. Don't roll the dice for 2 hours."

Mysterious Sue

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Ian said:
^ Sue, get one made for Saturday!
That was the plan, lol!

furie is right, it's harder than it first appears (mainly due to low cred numbers at UK parks).
I'll put something together, don't worry, but it's made me seriously think about trying to make my own game up, maybe something about owning all the UK parks from scratch, using past and present creds. It could have a UK map as a board. Getting ideas...but this could take a while. Think I'll stick with Monopoly for Sat.

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Fat woman in front of you cannot lock restraint. Lose a turn.

Lose the fast passes. Pay each player $60.

Settle for a middle seat, in a middle row, instead of waiting on either Skyrush, Leviathan, or a wing coaster. Go directly to jail.

Mysterious Sue

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So I did actually get round to making this, although I haven't played it yet so no idea if it works.