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The One Day Project: SCAIR - DOWNLOAD NOW!

Screaming Coasters

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So I have a day off from work and I've set myself a task to construct a hand-built, hand-smoothed roller coaster in Nolimits. I started at 9am this morning and I will be releasing this tonight. If I have enough time, I will also give this a 3DS station and some little touches here and there.

Currently Unnamed, I present this teaser:


Track complete
Supports complete
3DS 50%

Taking slightly longer, but I think you'll like what I have achieved in just over a days work.

Screaming Coasters

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Re: The One Day Project:

So its taken me just over a day and I think its about time to release this track. It is 100% hand smoothed, no additional 3rd party tools were used to create the track. Track was complete in around 4 - 5 hours and a couple hours on supports. The rest of the time was spent on 3DS, which isn't much, because I went to the pub last night. :p So here we go, I present to you my 1 day coaster:



Inversions: 5

Vertical Loop
Banana Roll

DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.bassmakerz.com/Screaming_Coasters-Scair.zip

Please note that I do not have the NL Track packager
so you will have to do the following:

1. Extract - Screaming_Coasters-Scair.zip
2. Open the extracted folder
3. Place the folder named "Screaming Coasters - Scair" in the objects folder
4. Place the track in the Tracks folder
5. Ride!!

Enjoy and rate. :)

Screaming Coasters

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110 views and no other ratings, thanks guys :p

Cheers for the rating Shroomy. I tried to keep it realistic. Kind of a Saw thing to up the throughput numbers.


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It's great to see you're still around the site, coming up with awesome coaster designs! I must not know my way around the Track Packager yet, because I couldn't save and open the file with any of the 3DS objects you made, but the track itself is great! I haven't tried making a Gerstlauer track myself yet - figure I'd better hold off until I get a chance to try the "Dare Devil Dive" at SFOG and know that type of coaster first hand.

Screaming Coasters

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Ah good to see you too and thanks for the rating! :)

The zip file just contains the track and objects which you'll need to put into your objects folder. I don't own track packager as its not available for Mac. Hopefully that works :)