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The Next Cars Land


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Will be apparently going to Tokyo Disneyland. The rumor I heard said it may possibly replace the entire Rivers of America area.

Currently looking for more to back this up.

Youngster Joey

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So now it can be at MGM Studios AND Tokyo Disneyland.

-shakes head-

Disney taking the thing that makes a park unique and the clones it...


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See, this is much better than it going to Florida I think. The extreme rarity of people going to both parks makes it not as bad as being in the same country. Still, Disney should be able to come up with something new.


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^ But if they build something so successful, why not re use it? They obviously made a large amount of money from it, it would be a tad stupid not to do it again. Disney is a business remember...


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Oh, I'm far from them reusing different things, I mean all the key attractions are reused, but each park seems to have something iconic and unique. I just think they could do better areas than Cars Land. There have been lots of capacity issues at DCA so clearly things would have to change a bit, especially with the smaller rides.


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Why do Disney always seem to pick unsuccessful IPs to roll out? Is it like, a way of advertising said IP? Or is it just coincidence that the best concepts come out of the unpopular IPs?

Disney taking the thing that makes a park unique and the clones it...
Most people only visit one Disney resort in their lifetime. It makes sense.

Nemesis Inferno

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As crap as the Cars films might be (which for Pixar still means a decent enough film), they are the most successful Pixar franchise on a commercial level, hence, easy money for Disney...

So it's a mixture of using the already existing merchadise sales into something the GP will lap up, whether it'll work in Japan though is another matter, but considering how good California's one is, god knows how good Tokyo's will be...

Although I am personally getting a bit sick of Pixar saturation...


Mountain monkey
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Exactly. Good movies does not necessarily make lots of money. Up was very critically acclaimed, yet is one of the lowest-grossing Pixar movies. What really makes the dough roll in is merchandise. And the racing setting of Cars provides loads of material for merhandise. Every character is a car, which is easy to make toys of. The setting, which its colurful architecture and wonky environment (look at the nature around Radiator Springs), is very recognisable and can easily be replicated in games, toy sets, and theme parks. It's a franchise that's easy to market and sell, and Disney knows that very well.

Movies like Brave, Ratatouille and The Incredibles take place in a (mostly) ordinary human environment. So does Monsters, inc, it's just populated by monsters. Wall-E is set in the future, but aside from the titular robots, it's not really that much to market. Making attractions using these franchises would be cool enough, but it wouldn't be as "unique" as Cars. I can totally see why they do it, but it's not to say I like it personally.


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Joey said:
Why do Disney always seem to pick unsuccessful IPs to roll out? Is it like, a way of advertising said IP? Or is it just coincidence that the best concepts come out of the unpopular IPs?

Cars isn't unpopular to its target market though. I know a number of people who have little boys, and Cars 2 is their favourite film in the world, on a watch it every day kind of way. And the reason Cars, a movie set on route 66, was picked for California Adventure, a park themed around california, is pretty obvious and fits in perfectly with the park (and also conveniently covers up the power lines that imagineers had been loathing for years).

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But will this really bring in as many visitors as Caloforinia. If it's exactly the same aren't people more likely just to go to calofornia where they have disney and other attractions nearby. I''m not saying it won't be populaur but will it be as populaur as Calofornia?


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It seems to me like Tokyo Disney will be popular whatever they do, just by virtue of it being the biggest park in Japan, and the Japanese being obsessed with Disney. I could be wrong, but I get the feeling they've not done any major re-modesl/expansions there for a while, so is due something on this scale. Why spend money re-imagineering something new when they can copy and paste this. They need something new, it doesn't really matter what they get, and they've got this ready to go, so why not? As others have said, there's barely anyone who will have been to both California and Tokyo so they need to worry about that even less than for Florida. I'm not particularly comfortable with the idea of copying it, but from Disney's point of view, I can't see any reason not to.

Oh, and, I don't have time to find more up to date figures, but in 2008 Tokyo Disneyland had 3rd most visitors. Disney's California Adventure was 13th with almost 1/3 as many visitors. So, yeah, which one do you think needs to worry more about "bringing people in"?