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Homer said:
Pokemon HeartGold, bros.

Screw HeartGold and SoulSilver!


For the wins.


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Smithy said:
Btw, I've got further in FF13, it is <img> epic, the story is unwinding brilliantly, but I'm still disappointed with run battle run moar battle run run battle save run item battle battle.

Argh, yeah!

I wanna explore towns and open plains and find cool stuff, like in ALL the other FF games. This one's so linear, it's really frustrating.

I hope I get to do that eventually, but I am 15 hours in, and I think I should be doing that kind of thing by now. :p


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No towns? Sadface.

Anyway, I'm up to chapter seven.

Just about to reunite Snow/Hope with Lightning/Fang, I think.

Also, Vanille's accent is xD.


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Playing through Dead Space to try and get all the trophies. It's an excellent game and does actually make you jump. :p
Now I've got to try and complete it on the hardest difficulty only using the first gun you get. And on the section where you shoot the asteroids heading towards the ship I've got to complete it with above 50% damage intact. It's going to be hard.


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^I am going to do it. I love collecting trophies on games. Without them I wouldn't have played through most of my games more than once. It makes games last much longer and gives you some extra challenges to do once the game is complete. Hardest ever was getting Platinum on CoD:WaW. Completing that on Veteran was one of the hardest things I've ever done but the feeling you get when you finally complete it is amazing. :)

Plus Dead Space is a really good game so I don't mind playing through it and doing extra things.


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Social Media Team
Ha, OK. Well, good luck with that. The hardest difficulty on Dead Space is a ****ing BITCH using all the weapons, you won't do it with only the plasma cutter.


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I'm just making sure to conserve ammo and sell all the unneeded items for power nodes to upgrade it. I've done much harder challenges in gaming before lol.

Really want Heavy Rain still though. :( It sucks having no money.


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OK in the end I bought Blue Toad Murder Files because Epsiode 3 is free until 25th March...

Its quite fun, the over-eccentric narrator definitely keeps a bit of the interest there.
At the end of each episode you have to identify which of the suspects you think committed the crime (I got it wrong all three times lol!)...

Through the game you question the locals who only give you information if you help them solve their dilemmas, in the form of puzzles... this is the interactive parts you partake in, but you do have to pay attention to the narrative parts too for the final "Whodunnit?!" part of the chapter, and also spot checks in the middle of the episodes.

for £9.99 I got a fair bit of gameplay, but the only replay value is going to be going through the puzzles again to get gold ribbons on all of them (you're awarded gold for completing puzzles in under a certain time and making no mistakes)...

The other 3 episodes will be released in one pack at £9.99 again so you'll be looking at around 8 hours gameplay for £20, which is a shame as the game is enjoyable but, once its done, its done....


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Pokemon HeartGold is glorious.

Also, Pokewalker + shift at work = grinding done and rare pokemon at the same time. Also, I take more than 15000 steps in a 3 hour shift.


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Finally got round to completing Grid last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it. We've still got a few more Driver Offers to complete, but we're basically done.

It's a brilliant game, one of the best ones we'd got. So yeah, great buy! my only criticism? It didn't have the full Nurburgring track and some of it got a bit repetitive, but it really is nothing to knock.

I'm off to try and get all the achievements now!


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Sam and Max Pre-orders for the PS3 coming this week! I'm so excited I could throw the Wii out of the window :D

If you buy it all in advance, you get it cheap or something, not entirely sure on the exact deal. The game is officially released (and downloadable to those who preordered) at the start of April.

Very excited at the prospect of not just a good point and click on the PS3 - but SAM AND MAX!!!