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The Fire of Wicker: Alton Towers 4th Nov CANCELLED

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The Fire of Wicker

Good evening folks! I have been tasked into running this CF-Live at the glorious Alton Towers!

When: 4th November

Meet up time will be at 10:30am at the bottom of Towers Street, kinda near the coffee shop. We will be moving on at 10:40am prompt, and more than likely heading over to Nemesis to start the day.

Please LIKE this post if you are coming to the event. It is just so I know who to expect at the park.

My number is: 07475626694

Once I know when the fireworks are on, we will head there for about 30 to 45 minutes before the start so we can have a space, there is plenty of food stalls at the bottom of Towers Street. After this we will head to Wicker Man for a night ride!

See you all there!


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Really want to, but I have no means getting to the park by public transport on a Sunday ;-;


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Are people actually going to be staying on resort? I have not booked anything yet. Had put out on my personal Facebook if anyone wanted to share, no responses sadly

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Might come, might not. Might just come in the afternoon for the fireworks and a Wicker Dude night ride. Might bring Mrs Howie along. Probably won't stay overnight.
Hope this helps. ;)


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I may be coming to towers for the Sunday (not 100% sure). I haven't been for 3 years so my focus will be riding as much as possible.

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Won't be coming along to this.
Was supposed to be my year off from Hong Kong and I was excited about finally being able to go to the fireworks, but now the new guy can't go so I'm away again. :(


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Apparently the tickets for the day are almost sold out! Please can people confirm if they are going!

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I left it a bit too late to get the day off work unfortunately so can’t make it, maybe I’ll finally make it next year! :(


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Anyone still wanting to come? I am getting to the point 'is it worth me coming up if no one else is 100% committed'

I am aware this topic was only up Monday, I am not traveling with anyone up to there.

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At Mushy's request I've locked this topic. Not enough interest sadly.

Hope y'all have a merry Halloween!
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