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Teen critical after roller-coaster accident at Winnipeg fair


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A teenage boy was rushed to hospital in critical condition Thursday evening after an accident on a roller-coaster at the Red River Ex in Winnipeg.

Emergency crews and police rushed to the Red River Ex fairgrounds just outside of Winnipeg around 6 p.m. after reports of a person injured by a ride.

Witness Kara Pruden said she saw a teenage boy fall from the second tier of the Crazy Mouse roller-coaster, but other witnesses provided conflicting reports about how the teen was injured.

Pruden said staff immediately put up purple covers to hide the boy and told people nearby to back up.

Garth Rogerson, the CEO of the Red River Ex, confirmed a teenage boy was taken to hospital in critical condition after an accident on the ride.

“There is an early indication from witnesses that he perhaps jumped off the ride onto the tracks. We don't know that,” said Rogerson. “I hate to say that because it is speculation, and we want to be respectful to the family. He is in very, very serious condition.”

The ride was stopped immediately, and nearly an hour later, staff were seen helping people stranded in cars get off the second tier of the roller-coaster.

Fairgoer Debra Ginter's four children were on the ride at the time of the accident. "I was terrified. It was scary, and I thought it was one of my kids," she said.

Ginter's four kids were trapped on the ride for over an hour. Ginter's son Johnathon said he saw the aftermath of the accident.

"The cart stopped, and I heard a lot of people screaming, and I looked forward, and I saw blood," Johnathon said.

Johnathon's sister said she saw blood pouring from the teen's head.

Rogerson said there was no mechanical failure on the ride at the time of the accident, and all rides are inspected daily.

"Safety is extremely important, so the ride is shut down until a full safety inspection is done," he added.

Winnipeg police are now investigating the incident.

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/ ... nipeg.html


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Re: Teen critical after roller-coaster accident at Winnipeg

I've often felt like jumping from Crazy Mouse rides.