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Tayto Park News/Discussion


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On a serious note, albeit somewhat a longshot thought, I wonder if Merlin would consider buying Tayto Park?

It's a solid park which fits their style. It has room for growth, improvement and to become a resort. It would suit Merlin's bragging rights: "Ireland's biggest theme park". If they wanted, they could even consider transforming it into Legoland Ireland. It could also be included in the UK pass, to make it seem better value whilst also not affecting things much.

We've seen since the changes at the top they're keen to invest in the parks, and Merlin have been no stranger to looking at buying parks (anyone remember the Sea World proposal a while back?). And it expands their portfolio.

I should say, I don't think this is the most likely thing. But, I wouldn't rule it out just yet...
God no keep Merlin away


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Their new coaster Dino Dash will be opening on April 9th:



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With Dino Dash out of the way, the Vekoma pair have been pushed back to 2024, hopefully for the last time. With Project Exodus rising and Drayton allegedly having pushed their 2023 addition back a year, this will be a big year for the UK British Isles enthusiasts;


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Following the news that Tayto will not be part of the park going forward, the park will be named Emerald Park from January: