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Simple question: Have you or any vehicle you've owned/driven appeared on Google Streetview? (or equivalent service) Bonus points if featured away from home!

I've been featured a total of 3 times:

1: One of my old cars parked outside my uni house in Cardiff a few years ago: (blue fiesta)

2: my work van outside a customers house, while I was making the delivery a few weeks ago:
2022-05-27 (1).png

3: Same day as above pic, they captured me in my current car having lunch after work:
2022-05-27 (3).png

They've driven past me a few more times than this but this is all they've uploaded.


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Well bugger me, I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't looked. I mean, obviously I did look once, when Streetview was like this new, novelty thing. I think most people did, didn't we? And the first place every single person looked at first was, of course, 'My house'.
"Ooh I wonder if my house is on there?" people said. Which of course it was.
But that was what, 15 years ago? Don't think I've looked since then. But spurred on by this thread I decided to have a peak and would you believe it, there's my Jaaag sitting on the drive.


Which means that Google, sneaky bastards, have been snooping around with their camera cars in the last 12 months or so (on green bin day, it would seem), cos I only bought it last April. Funny that. You'd think that once they'd mapped everywhere once, that would be it right? Apart from updating new road layouts n stuff, why do they need to keep collecting more images? 🤔
And those camera cars are obviously a lot more discreet than they used to be. Remember when you used to see those Astras driving round with massive tripods on the roof and big, round, football sized cameras perched on top of 'em? What happened to those, eh? I followed one once for about 10 miles up the A41 flicking the V's and pulling faces at it, hoping to achieve internet stardom but alas, I never found the footage. Anyways, point is, you don't see them around anymore, do you? Which means they're being shady about it.
Makes you wonder what they're up to...
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