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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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Babylon Park continues to expand with another location set to open in Madrid next year. It'll be located at the Westfield Parquesur shopping mall south of the city centre.

Guessing this'll be built on the land of the old Sould Park FEC: https://rcdb.com/10208.htm

Same shopping centre. Don't know how much is left of old park but this could be just a retheme of that


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The site of the former Miragica park is up for auction again, this time for the bargain price of €1.9 million. Interested buyers have until January 27th, 2023 to submit an offer, and the first (and only) interested party may haggle the price to as low as €1.45 million! Note that Senzafiato will not be included in your purchase.



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Why don't they just buy one? They're minted and the AT contract probably pays for it in a year anyway. 🤷‍♂️

That being said, there's a technojump at fanny island, maybe it's related to that in some way.
i think the reason they don't buy them is because they don't intend to keep them. be a bit wasteful to buy something and then have to get rid of it after only 2 or 3 seasons. I'm hoping personally by 2024-25 they get replaced by permanent flat rides and I'm desperate for another topspin of some sort


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Titan track for Joris en de Draak has been assembled and is ready to be added to the ride.
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I am going to make a day of trying these out. Very curious if you even feel the difference..
And about 70% of the blue/ water track is replaced as well. At least, that is what's been told to me.

Confused about if the two corners or just one corner will be done. I hear different things on this from out the park. And wondering if in the next three years all will be Titan. Or just replacement of the wood with another type of wood. We'll see.


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Not sure this has come up on here anywhere else, but the nasty right-wing politicians in charge of nasty right-wing Florida are currently having a pissing-contest with Disney, triggered by Disney (eventually, when pressed by their employees and customers) speaking out against the nasty right-wing politicians policies discriminating against LGBT youth.

American politics is just horrible, my sympathies to everyone suffering under it. :(
UK politics is not far behind but we can still save it I think (I hope).

So seemingly the news is now that the nasty right-wing Florida politicians are backing down (presumably having realised the financial consequences of their political grandstanding).



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Well done to Disney for standing their ground 👏.

In other news, it looks like Hopi Hari are carrying out a major overhul on Katapul including some track replacement:



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Raik valleyed yesterday. Extremely cold temperatures apparently caused the train to stall during the return trip, and riders had to be evacuated once they came to a complete stop at the bottom. Taron also had to be shut while evacuation on Raik took place, but was back open later in the day. Raik’s train ended up sitting at the bottom of the ravine until it was hoisted back up to the station after the park closed, and the coaster was up and running again as of today.

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