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The Volare strikes again.
Some of you may know Genting Highland's old Volare. It was removed when Genting Highland closed to become Fox World.
Now look what just popped up on RCDB.
Genting's old Volare is being relocated LITERALLY to the indoor SBNO park located right next to Fox World. The coaster (and most likely the park) will open on the eighth.
Now if they could just relocate the other former Genting coasters.......


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Will this be the shortest-stickied thread in the history of this subforum? We'll see in four days!


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Here's a nice overview of the new indoor park (with the Volare still under construction, so it might not make the December 8th opening date).



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I do quite like the aesthetic of that place looking at that, though the rides on offer don't seem that exciting...


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That was my first Volare, and I didn't hate it. I believe I rode it twice in fact, but that's because it was an upcharge at the old park and you got two goes with the ticket.

I probably won't be bothering with it in its "new" location though.


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This is where Skytropolis is going.
This is where the volare stood.
It's like they never even moved it!


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You only just realised this is the same place..? It's literally called 'Genting Highlands Skytropolis Funland'...


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Bringing this back after over a year and a half :oops:

Was doing some research to see if this thread can be unstickied. It seems that the Super Glider still isnt't open as far as I can tell. However the research let to realisation there is a second coaster at the indoor park called The Bolt.
This can be seen as number 22 on this map


The ride can be seen high above the park in some videos with blue track and orange supports

This is where it gets a little confusing. The ride is clearly a long Zamperla powered coaster that encircles the park. The old Genting indoor park had one of these (in fact it had 2 Zamperla powered coasters) This appears similar but not identical to Euro Express.

An onride of the old Euro Express can be seen here

This new ride seems to have less corners but some parts are quite similar. My thought is the ride is just a modified version of Euro Express for the new park.
I sent this through to the RCDB and Duane seems to agree its likely but for now the ride is listed seperately until he next talks to Zamperla