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Six Flags Fiesta Texas | "Iron Rattler" |Steel Hybrid

Youngster Joey

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Antinos said:
Even though it's believed to just be a turn into the station, anybody else notice that they STILL haven't shown the very end of the ride?

I did. I posted that a page or two back and everyone said it was just a turn into the brake run. Though that pic jerry just posted makes me think there's at least an airtime hill after the tunnel.


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Re: Six Flags Fiesta Texas | "Iron Rattler" |Steel Hybrid

Nope, that is an ejector hill right into the brake run.

Panorama doesnt tell lies :3

madhjsp said:

Far right, zoom in.

Mysterious Sue

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This topic has made me laugh. A lot.

First there was a video which I expected to be testing, and was actually about a man screwing in a bolt.
Then the actual testing video was someone just squatting in a bush. WTF?!
That's before the falling down comments.



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Aw yeah, someone screwing in a bolt and a train going through a turn...this is some intense stuff here! :wink:
Does look sick though. Is RMC gunna have 3 coasters in the top 5 come next MH poll? I think so.


Matt SR
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Yes, Iron Rattler will be in the steel category. It has a solid shot however at making the top 10.


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Hyde244 said:
Yes, Iron Rattler will be in the steel category. It has a solid shot however at making the top 10.

That's if it doesn't collapse before Hawker's 2013 polls are announced :wink:


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rollermonkey said:
I don't think so. Mitch put New Texas Giant on the steel poll, didn't he?

Yes, and Iron Rattler would be as well.
My apologies, I wasn't very clear at all. I didn't mean RMC would have 3 all in the wooden top 5, just that all 3 would be in their respective top 5s!

Youngster Joey

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Does this have an opening date yet?

Been awhile since we've had anything on this ride. I'm hoping to get there. testing seems to be going well.


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I'll be posting a construction update here in a few hours with lots of photos, videos and info.