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Six Flags America - heavy evidence of incoming Zamperla Giga Discovery

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So there are soil borings at Six Flags America on the site of the former SkyCoaster, Dare Devil Dive. The distances between the borings match the footers for a giga model Zamperla Discovery, the same as those just installed at Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Great Adventure. It appears set up to swing out over the main Gotham City plaza.

Before I have included an imgur album with pictures of the site and a demonstration of the differences in footprint between the giga and giant Discovery models. In short, the giga has a slightly smaller footprint.

I measured from the back right support if the skycoaster as it's an easy landmark on Google Earth, and the actual soil sample was taken a few feet in front of it. From there, a 41, meter diagonal puts you at approximately the location of the front left boring. 44 meters from that back right support however is nearly at the fence, where no borings have been taken.

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That would be a good fit there. I visited the park a couple weeks ago and that spot was so bare and in need of something, so I'm glad they're actually going to get a high quality flat.
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