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'Sinorides' ride and rollercoaster manufacturer


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I've just discovered a ride manufacturer on YouTube called Sinorides and wanted to share with you lot.
They have a wide range of very odd videos showcasing a range of very odd rides, and some rollercoasters too.

They appears to offer a variety of fairground classics, alongside clearly house-built designs.
And they also sell a number of odd-looking rollercoaster designs, many of which are listed on their site:

I'm intrigued here because I can't find this manufacturer on RCDB, if they are a manufacturer at all.
Some of the designs look like the famous 'Golden Horse' copycat models while others appear more unusual.
Is this a new manufacturer that somehow slipped under the radar, or is this a company selling lesser-known manufacturers' rides?


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This looks like a Chinese company who makes all those crappy State Fair "roller coasters."

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Fairly sure they must be a broker/supplier rather than a manufacturer. All the rides on their site are built by other Chinese companies.


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Yeah agreed. Looking through their Client References there is precisely one coaster which was a small powered ride from back in 2014 that was at Shanghai Airport for an exhibition.

Otherwise its all flat rides. Either they are just a broker for the other companies of they have grand plans to sell knock offs of their rides.


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Ah thanks guys - yeah I wondered how the relationship worked. Also @roomraider research skills on point as usual.
I couldn't believe how shoddy some of their videos were tbh but I guess if they're not making the products themselves they probably have less commitment.