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SFOG | Catwoman Whip & Poison Ivy | 2 new flats

kenny cook

Mega Poster
Call me crazy, I think we'll see some sort of DC Supervillians themed land replacing Axis Arena. It'll tie in Crime Wave, Mindbender, and Harley Quinn Spinsanity with some sort of new Poison Ivy themed attraction as well as another Joker themed one. Pull it all together with some sort of huge draw back there (currently going for a "twisted" poison ivy tourbillon ride) and it'll make a great little hub


Giga Poster
Oh look, rides nobody cared about at a park people don't really talk about much anymore (sadly)
The new additions were poison ivy, the third time the park has introduced a scrambler... and the Zamp version of the Enterprise, Catwoman Whip, I rode it today and of the 3 Zamp ones I've done it definitely felt the slowest/tamest. And due to COVID, running at half capacity. Painfully slow moving line, with one clean down cycle while I waited....and the park is allowing Flash Pass on it..so maybe 10-12 riders a cycle. ?

And not that anyone cares, I'm gonna amuse I'm the first CF'er to get this?

And FWIW, the old batman stunt show area is still standing, they removed the big games area for Poison Ivy. And Catwoman went where the old Batman line started, so now theres no "Gotham City Park" in front of the ride, and now the back half of the ride is exposed to the inside and the Catwoman queue.


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I was planning on going to SFoG yesterday, but living 2 hours away and 50% chance of thunderstorms kept me away. I've been several times since reopening but only managed one ride on Catwoman. Poison Ivy isn't even a new ride for the park, only a rethemeing of an old one that hasn't been used in some time.