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Second best of the 6 Disney/Universal Orlando parks?

Best park?

  • Animal Kingdom

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  • Epcot

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  • Universal Studios Florida

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Since the #1 is too obvious and easy, I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the second best Orlando Disney/Universal park? Didn't include BGT, SWO, the FunSpots, and LLF as I only follow the Disney and Universal parks. Which is the best park based on rides, theming, dining, overall appearance, etc.

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Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Universal Studios Florida
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Universal Studios Florida.

It's just the most fully formed and pleasant of those parks to be in, particularly as an adult. It has the best range of attractions and best environment to relax in. I spent Christmas and New Year dipping in and out of both Universal parks, sometimes going into the Studios just to grab a cocktail at Chez Alcatraz and sit by the water, before jumping on the Mummy a couple of times and heading back out. That's not something you can do at the Disney parks.

The Disney parks are great, but they're a different vibe. They feel busier and much more targeted towards kids and families. Universal is very family-friendly but with a more sophisticated vibe.

Of the Disney parks, I'd pick Animal Kingdom as the spend a day at, maybe Epcot.


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Clunk. Don't need another thread like this. People are ranking everything over in the other topic you made.
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