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SeaWorld San Diego | Emperor | B&M Dive Coaster | 2021


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I like the cutback, but mainly for the novelty of it. Don't think it'll be standout element or anything, but cool to see B&M do something like that.

I'm really hoping they get some theming on this, especially around the drop. It looks pretty barren at the moment, so hopefully they spruce it up a bit. Dive machines aren't the most exciting, but recent installments like Valkyria and Yukon have nailed it with the tunnels.


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Matt N

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I was under the impression that B&M's vest restraints had improved in recent years; the reports from rides like Valkyria and Yukon Striker suggests that they don't tighten anymore, and even the older ones like the ones on Swarm didn't personally bother me that much!


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Even though the vests don't have a one-way locking system any more, they're still sprung loaded, and press down to take away all space between you and the restraint. They may have solved the comfort problem, and there are rides where I don't really mind them, but they completely ruin dive machines by removing all airtime and rendering the drop completely forceless, unless you're prepared to deal with the discomfort of holding the vest up against the bar to keep it off your torso and shoulders.

It seems like B&M have figured out how to make interesting dive machine layouts in the last couple of years, yet I have no interest in them with these restraints. I'm afraid they're all getting filed under "meh" until they find a better solution. Valkyria has the best dive machine layout I've experienced to date, but the vertical drop may as well not exist.