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Saw: The ride - Remake on Little big planet!

I have started a remake of saw the ride on liitle big planet! First of all for all of those who haven't played little big planet, I must warn you it will not be that accurate as I can't do corners or certain inversions and unfortunately the track will have to float whe the car goes near as there is no way I could have it going through the supports. But it should be fun, hence why I am making it!

My first immages are from the line.

Just to let you know I haven't been on saw so I would apreciate any help to make it a more precise/accurate ride and line.

I realise it may be quite bland but I will fully theme it once the ride itself is complete!


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Lol should be funny. I'm sure I saw another video of a level of Saw: The Ride on Youtube. Unless that was yours, but you haven't finished yours yet.
^ Nope wasnt mine. I am having major problems with the cars and track! ^^ I have built a rough station that isn't completed yet but will be soon. I am about to go on Little big planet so I will post some more pics later!

Also Oliie please can you send me the link to that video?

^I own it! I will donload! xD Sorry about the lack of updates! I promise I will put some up soon! Also to those of you who own Little Big Planet I am making a Beta code level! So that should be up soon! At the moment I am themeing the inside! It is extremely hard but oh well! .


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Don't fret about the double post - you're spot on about the lack of reply making it needed, especially as it's an update.

I'll get minor_Furie to look at it - he#s the LBP expert in our house :)
Thanks! Just to warn you it is quite violent for LBP! Just to let everyone know I have decided to recreate some of thorpe on LBP. Some rides would be impossable to build so if I miss your fave I am sorry. But Saw, Vortex and Nemesis Inferno are in the making! ^^


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Looks interesting, must have took quite a while, I tried creating a level on LBP once, and got really frustrated at it!
UPDATE: Saw the ride: LBP - The BETA is live!

As said above the Beata is now live! Just to warn you it is not complete and stops near the outside lift. ^^ To get into the level you will need to enter a code into my code entry level which has a saw theme! ^^ To get to the entry you need to put

a - 4
b - 7
c - 1
d - 9

The name of this level to enter the code is : "Saw the ride: Beta code" alternately just search my PSN - silenthillXD

Feel free to add me!
BIG UPDATE: The themeing is nearly done but I still need to add the voices to the Jigsaw models and the Tv to the outside lift. I have yet to update the beta. Unfortunately..........it seems little big planet doesnt like having realistic cars and an over 75 degree drop ¬¬ I was going to do it vertical but still no! EVIL GAME ^^ Oh well. Just to remind you this is my own take on the ride so certain bits will be differant. For example here is no crossbow bit. I might add one but at the moment I need to concerntrate on the track! Any comments are welcome! Please try my Saw BETA and enjoy!


I wish I could play it, but my PS3 broke 2 weeks ago, and guess what! My LBP disc was inside, I have the replacement PS3 now, got it friday, but I might not get my LBP disc back for another 5 weeks!!!
Sorry about the lack of updates but Saw has finaly been completed! Unfortunately I decided to give up on the inversions, but the drop works! Hope you enjoy if you have LBP, if you don't I shall be posting up some pictures soon!