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Sansei Technologies Buys Vekoma

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Well according to this article atleast it seams Sansei Technologies, the people who own S&S currently have bought out Vekoma.
Some of the Press quotes from the article.
Sansei takes over all shares in Vekoma. For the time being, Vikoma will continue to operate as an independent company under its current name. "The terms of the acquisition provide that no changes may be made to the strategy, management, employment relationships and place of business. Vekoma's governance structure remains virtually unchanged after the acquisition and the current management team remains intact, " said Sansei Technologies. Only Vekoma's Supervisory Board, previously consisting of Van Biert and Steenbakker, has been added to by Sansei's Managing Director Nakagawa.

The acquisition of Vekomas is the next logical step, explains Vekomas supervisory board chairman Kees van Biert: "In recent years, a solid foundation has been laid, in which safety, innovation, quality and customer satisfaction are among the priorities of our policy. In Sansei, we have found a respected partner with equivalent standards and values who can provide continuity to the company and help us move forward. Through their presence and contacts, we also see opportunities to better serve new regions such as Japan, Southeast Asia and North America. "
Quite interesting development, will be exciting to see what comes of this hopefully.

Source: https://www.parkerlebnis.de/vekoma-sansei-technologies-uebernahme_58638.html
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