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Roughest/Worst coaster you've ridden?


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As of a few hours ago, I have a new least favourite: Turbo at Brighton Pier. I mean, Pinfaris are usually bad, but I haven't felt the desire to get off a ride right now quite that strongly.


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I can't stand Rita at Alton Towers, I hate everything about it. It's an incredibly uncomfortable coaster, theming is bad, throughput isn't the highest, lovely scaffolding and cattlepen to greet you to the experience.


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Primeval Whirl at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
What were Disney thinking when they decided to add a crappy funfair Magic Mouse coaster to a park in WALT DISNEY WORLD?
Also my mum's arm actually got trapped in the restraint so I'm so bitter at Primeval Whirl for that.


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I'm glad it's not just me, as that's among my more controversial opinions.
I blame it on the fact that I never rode it before the fire and new trains etc. I can only assume it wasn't as evil pre-05, but I'd never bother riding it when I'm at Blackpool now if it was up to me.

It was always rattly but it wasn't a problem before. It was just part of the experience. Most locals rate it as far superior to the Big Dipper, and it's got bags of fun designed into its drops. I must have been on it for pushing 100 times in my life, but the last couple (in 2015 and 2017 respectively) were extremely rough; beyond the mild battering I'd known and actually loved. It's harsh as **** now, but my subjectivity means that my love for it can't die.


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Steamin' Demon @ Great Escape. Never had problems with Arrow loopers until the exit of its corkscrews, damn near broke my neck.

J Rod

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Ninja at SFOG before its Blue Hawk makeover was the most unpleasant experience I've had at an amusement park. Just nonstop headbanging the entire ride. Hated every second of it.


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Grand National at Blackpool. Can't remember which side I chose but I decided to skip the other side despite everything being walk on the days I went.

I'm fairly certain it's so rough that it must be causing structural damage, there's no way it isn't.


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Aside from the usual suspects - Olympia Looping was particularly rough last Winter Wonderland.

Usually not a problem for me as it's a great ride but when you add in the fact that the restraints slowly crush your shoulders it really felt like an endurance test.

Will probably spend the £10 on a beer and sausage next time instead tbh.


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Ninja at SFStL is horrible. I still find some decency in its layout, but the thing just isn't good at all. It's rougher than the Boomerang just a short walk away, and that's saying something.

Imagineer Josh

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Green Lantern at SFMM is the worst coaster I've ridden. What a horrible nightmare. Ever since it got those elephant ears, the cars don't move naturally with the layout, and it tries to murder you all over the place. Head, arms, chest, you name it.

Some of the other rides I've ridden that are just big turds in punch bowls are original GA Cyclone, Ninja at SFOG when it had the Arrow trains (I rode in June 2015), and T3. All those are coasters I'd spit on.


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Have to bandwagon jump and go for the roughest as the grandnational, I know its very old but it just beats the heck out of me everytime I go on it, usually ends my day at the pleasurebeach as its just so brutal

For just sheer awfulness also have to agree with the popular consensus on Flight Deck at Canadas Wonderland


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Coaster Express at Parque Warner Madrid
Magnus Colossus at Terra Mitica (is this the reason the piece of **** is SBNO?)
Hero at Flamingo Land
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I think the worst coaster I've ever had the pleasure of riding has to be this one, Mad Mouse at M&D's in Scotland. It's just so rough that you can't enjoy it, which is a shame, because visually, it's the parks best looking coaster which says more about the park than the coaster to be honest!

Picture courtesy of coasterpedia.net


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Bandit and MP Express at Movie Park Germany

Those two rides still aren't as boring as Star Trek though.