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Roller Coaster Tycoon on Steam


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Yeah, this may fit better on the Coaster Games section but you need screenshots for that and I absolutely suck at doing that from a couple of other forums (both of which are now down :-( ).

Anyway, not too long ago, Atari have finally released the first two RCT games onto Steam, each one comes with both the expansion packs which seem to be quite a good deal, but if you have a disc drive on your PC then it'd be better going into Game and getting the RCT2 disc in there for a £5 as it is roughly a pound cheaper (and still comes wth all three of the expansions).

Plus, I've heard that there is a proper PC version of RCT4 coming soon. I was doubting this would be a fully fledged game like the previous three but my hopes are high!

RCT1: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285310/
RCT2: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285330/
RCT3: http://store.steampowered.com/app/2700/

And yeah, I've added a link to RCT3 even though it's been on Steam pretty much five billion years.


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Atari have refused to give any information on what the PC version will be like apart from saying it will have online multiplayer which means it will probably be like the **** mobile version. I wont be surprised if many coaster types, flat rides and trains are locked as day 1 dlc.


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It looks like from the renders on the production blog that they recycled a lot of the rides from RCT3 (This is my 3 years experience as a Game developer / 3D modeler coming out lol). I hope they are just using those as placeholders and we get a whole grab-bag of new attractions..... The renders look like they have a lot of potential.


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I recommend buying (again) RCT1 since it comes with a tone of custom layouts.

RCT3 I recommend buying (again) because if you have the disk version, it can be tricky to patch it. RCT3 originally didn't have vandalism or security guards. The patch does.

RCT 4/world looks optimistic. I hope it's good enough to draw new people into the franchise to actively make things. You can only see our forums to see how, quite the community is. I believe there are active communities for RCT3, but the standards of skill there is horrifying. There's not many places that satisfy "novice who is trying to radically improve".

I hope RCT4 has sensible terrain tools. Today it grieved me how in RCT3 the snapping of paths and terrain are really silly.
Also, flexible scenery use which isn't overwhelming.

I've been building a piece of scenery today using default assets. It looks very minecrafty because the assets aren't smooth enough. But if I used a mod, there would be TOO many assets to use and I'd be overwhelmed. That's an issue with RCT3. There are mods to make scenery better, but the UI for the mod is horrifically overwhelming. It took me weeks to learn how to use custom supports. I have a mod for Jungle theming and I refuse to touch it due to how fiddly all the assets are.


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Good old games had the complete all three games for £6 over the weekend (it may still be on).

I just took RCT2 as I have the others on disc.

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I seriously wish they port the first two games to Mac, got the third one and play it quite a lot. Shame really as the second one is probably my favourite one. Don't really want to do the whole bootcamp process; would definitely make me by the 2nd one on Steam (already have it on disk, and the first one on Steam).

5/3/15: This looks dreadful http://store.steampowered.com/app/282560/