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RMC Powered Coaster/Fire In The Hole 2.0 at Silver Dollar City in 2024?


Hyper Poster
Its good they have given a whole years public notice and showing some love towards the ride. Gives people more of a chance to ride than a week or negative 2 years notice.

Also loads of time for some to react saying this is the saddest thing they have heard, hopefully that's hyperbolically.

A very cool and very dated experience - SDC can do better.


Matt SR
Staff member
Social Media Team
Aww, absolutely love the angle they're going here for a proper, season-long send off, rather than a mid-season announcement and LaSt RiDeR aUcTiOn.

Will always be one of the weirdest, cult classics in the coaster community. Here's hoping the RMC reno doesn't change too much.


Mega Poster
I haven't ridden Fire in the Hole, but I've ridden its twin at Dollywood (Blazing Fury). I actually really liked it! Hopefully the new version retains that magic.


Roller Poster
Oh, S***. I hadn't realized that this was actually happening. It's good to see an old (somewhat) dated coaster get upgraded, and great that it might be an RMC. I will be sad to see it go through. Hopefully, RMC does good with Fire in the Hole 2.0