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Rita removal in 2023/24? (Alton Towers)


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Apologies if this had already come up elsewhere (did a quick search - if it's a duplicate/repost please delete).

Apparently this poster has gone up in the Dark Forest adjacent to Rita. Quite exciting...?


Source - a Theme Park Worldwide vid.


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That seems like a VERY big stretch for a rumour about its removal.

Rita's "story" is about escaping the Dark Forest, quickly. Saying escape whilst you can would be a pretty common phrase.

Obviously some people can be in the know and might know this is an early hint. But by itself, that is definitely one of the biggest leaps I've heard of. I also don't quite see the need for its removal. It doesn't take up too much space. It's reasonably reliable and popular. And it has a place in the park's line up (launch coaster). Don't see the need for its removal yet tbh


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@JoshC. Hmm, not sure - seems like an unusual piece of theming to add at this stage of the ride's lifecycle... especially considering it's devoid of any express references to Rita. The park could have more cost effectively added 'nothing'.

But considering the amount of other activity at the park, it would be an unexpected removal for sure.


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Could this be subtle Nemesis advertising?

I know that track design cannot be trusted in artwork, some places will use any ride to advertise something different. We shouldn't always or often put too much stock in those details.

But look at that BnM track shaping. No truss in sight. Nemi is down for a year but keep it interesting, like they have done with Dual. Make a scene.

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I wouldn't read into it too much, personally. The area has numerous other posters around of a similar vein, with things like "go, go, go!" on them which relate to Rita's theme of "escaping" in a similar way.


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If you watch the video, there's a second poster behind one of the pay stations that's similar in design but says "You must escape the Dark Forest". Shawn even mentions how the posters aren't exactly brand new but went up "earlier this year". That leans me towards it being nothing.

It'd also be dumb for them to remove Rita when they'll already be down one major coaster next year, but what do I know...


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There is absoutely no way Alton are going to remove Rita and replace it with a new style intamin launch 🤞


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I do not like Rita but i do believe it is firmly safe at the moment. Nemesis being rebuilt is a big enough project at the moment so removing another coaster would not be smart.


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If you watch the video, there's a second poster behind one of the pay stations that's similar in design but says "You must escape the Dark Forest".
I’m quite unobservant - yes, you’re right. That does undermine the suggestion that it could be going soon. I must have just been duped by Shawn’s seductive tones.

Plus, I must have been led astray by my desire for its removal. I went on it a couple of weeks ago and aside from the punchy launch (not bad) it’s a very underwhelming ride. Plus the smelly restraints made me gag.

I was recklessly hopeful - sorry team! 🙋‍♂️
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I really hope they don't: Rita is such a punchy little launcher. These models are a dying breed, and Rita seems fairly popular, so if running costs still justify keeping it running, yay!