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Rides that you would like more if they had different restraints


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Kill the SLC horsecollars with fire. What madman designed those things to be so unnecessarily bulky and be such an unbearable contortion for anyone with broad shoulders? That's not even getting into the damage they do to your ears at even the tiniest rattle. MP X-press and Vampire would've both been a hundred times more tolerable without them.

Speaking of being designed by madmen... Disney, what the hell is this?


Why are you allowing the trains on this thing to continue to exist, and why aren't you fixing them like you did on Space Mountain? And the front seat is the absolute worst — The loop is insanely forceful in that position and there's like no space for your knees whatsoever, plus there's next to no padding on the seats or the restraints. No wonder it never has much of a line.
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Oh yeah, Indy ... I have an average height, but I need to cross my legs to fit in this thing. Seriously, you got more space in a coffin. I think it's because they changed them to have 6 seats instead of 4. But the overall length of the trains stood the same. So ... works only if you have no bones between the ankle and the knee.

For my own, I really hate the restrains and trains of Furius Baco. Trying to survive the vibrations, the tightening and the potential beheading is too much for me.

Also, as a honourable mention, the Sunkid trains of the boomerangs of Prater and Walibi RA. I admit it is a lot better than the original trains, but so worse than the new soft Vekoma's OSTR.

First, the second row of each wagon is too narrow. I barely can't seat. Secondly, it is very uncomfortable during the first lift, as you have to pull with yout arms to avoid crashing in the lap bar, or I might say, the belly bar ! This thing's too high, got absolutely no padding but just raw naked metal, and will rest on your stomach !

Before on boomerangs, it was your head and shoulders that ached, now it's everything else but that....


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Odyssey at Fantasy Island. Get rid of the stupid, high OTSRs that lead to endless headbashing, and fit the lap bar and vest combination restraints to instantly improve rider comfort by an order of magnitude. It's clearly not going to happen, though, given that the train was refurbished a couple of years ago, and they didn't bother to address the problem then.

Most looping Intamins with the awful metal bar and shoulder straps need sorting as well. Both Stormrunner and iSpeed should be great on paper, but in practice were both too uncomfortable for me to really enjoy them.


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Three rides:
Colossus at Thorpe, it's been said time and time again but I genuinely believe that ride could run like new with new trains featuring lapbars. A relatively cheap investment that would do wonders for the park. Colossus in general could do with a mid-life refurb in places to up the reliability as well if money wasn't a concern, that would do REAL wonders for the park.

Someone else already said it, but I agree. I actually really like Stampeda which seems to be one of those 'uncommon enthusiast opinions'. I think it really caps of Port Aventura's line up. Millennium flyers (the existing trains already have lapbars) could really renew that ride and probably resolve a lot of enthusiast complaints.

Any Eurofighter/Infinity Coaster that has OSTRs:
After riding Hangtime, I now want the entire ride family to be upgraded with Lapbars. So much more comfortable, and my goodness are vertical lift hills that little bit more terrifying with lapbars.
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The intamin launch restraints are the worst offenders I can think of off the top of my head - rides such as Rita, iSpeed, Tornado etc. would be immeasurably better without the cheese-wire shoulder straps.

Honourable mention to a great many S&S coasters with their horrific shoulder bars.

On a similar note, I'm going to add that I think some old Vekomas are beyond saving, even with new trains. The Boomerang at Prater is still pretty awful and Arkham Asylum down under is one of the worst SLCs I've encountered.


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Skyrush and GaleForce would be higher on my list if they didn't have such bad restraints.

For GaleForce, I don't mind them on S&S 4D coasters, but on that? It digs into me, and me along many others complain it can sometimes hurt the acorns.
Skyrush is fairly obvious because that thing is a beast, if it had more comfortable, not thigh-crushing restraints, it would meet I305 and El Toro in my top three probably.


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Count me in on the Intamin accelerator OTSRs being poo-poo. Once they added that extra soft padding onto Kanonen, it only made the seat feel more claustrophobic and the ride even more unbearable to your neck whenever the train hit a sharp turn. Big part of the reason why that thing sucked, and why I wasn't sad to see it go. Same issues plague Tornado at Bakken, which is especially bad with its absurd laterals.

Though the hard straps on Desert Race weren't that bad, actually. Or at least I didn't feel them as much.
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