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RCT3 Compact Coaster Contest!


Captain Basic
Despite this forum being NL2 dominated, how about a nice RCT3 contest to wrap up the year?

It's a Compact Coaster Contest! In this contest, you can build any coaster you want. Want to do an in-game Strata? Do it! Want a CS B&M floorless? Go for it! Want to make an SLC? First off, why, second, sure! The only catch is that you need to build it in a confined space.

-Track must stay INSIDE the inner border of the path.
-Supports CAN go onto the path, but NOT outside.
-You may use any form of CS.
-You can build other, supplementary coasters, rides, and buildings out the path, but they won't be judged.
-Due to some people having different CS(some of which might not be available anymore), you MUST post pictures and film a POV of your ride.
-Deadline is January 3rd, at 1:00 PM EST(6:00 PM London time). Any later entries must contact me.
-Terraforming is not only allowed, but is recommended.
-There is no restrictions on height/length, but try not to go to Mars and back.

Judging: Similar to the NL2 competitions, everyone who participated and myself will rate each ride from a 1-5 in each category: Smoothness, Creativity, Realism, and Overall.

Download of the park:

Submit your in a PM to me. I will post all entries as a single post here with all rides being anonymous.

Any questions can be asked here. Good luck, and have fun! :)


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I just don't think anyone plays it any more - sorry.

The effort of trying to do something is much appreciated though :)

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I'll give it a go if I have the time, I'll take my disc with me home to my parent's house over Christmas.

I have been on/off building a park, but keep losing my place with other new games constantly coming out. But with all the new park sims getting delayed all the time I have been playing it more often the last couple of months.


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Don't mind giving it a go.
My business adviser has suggested to me to cool with the job seeking now, so I have more time.

Deciding if I should do something dumb (but well), or do something standard, but get upstaged.


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I would but it was only installed on my dad's computer which he has now got rid of. I have also misplaced the actual cd so couldn't play it anyway!


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I wanted to take part, but I wanted to continue what I had started more.
I am also in the situation where I have less free-time than before. And I find RCT3 worky, even if it's a leisure. It still drains from the same resources as I use to do work. So I wasn't able to even begin. I did download the file I needed though. Perhaps in the future, I'll do an houroury submission, because the contest was a good idea. Just unfortunate about the state of the RCT3 forums.


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^You're right, it is a shame, but we're not really sure what we can do about it.

Problem is, even though this forum is NL dominated, there are what? 6 NL regulars? And even then, there's little or no activity in the NL forums when the competitions aren't running. Coaster Games is a niche within a niche, and unfortunately we just don't have the members to make it a big part of the community.

We're always open to ideas as to how to increase the engagement in the Coaster Games section though!


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It doesn't help that we're currently in a no-man's land between RCT3 and RCTW/Planet Coaster.

The new games stunt the enthusiasm for RCT3, but with the continued delays the longer we have to wait before people can even start having a go at the new ones.

It's a bit like how the NL side slowed up before NL2, but has since picked up again. Hopefully the same will happen with the more fun and silly park games. I for one am certainly cooking up a few ideas. :)


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This limbo between the releases means we are semi reluctant to do much work because it will become obsolete, one way or another.
We are also unsure if which out of the two contender games (hopefully both in honesty) will pull out to satisfy this RCT itch.

I feel sorry for Theme Park Studio, because that's an independent project, and it's being overshadowed by the larger company projects. I am hoping that will have an audience somewhere. (I found it too much like No Limits, very CADy and did not feel gamey enough. As someone who is a self employed creative person, I don't want to spend my leisure time using professional-looking design programes.)