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Rank your Ridden Mine Trains


I got the idea for this thread while watching some POVs of Japanese jet coasters, which resemble mine trains quite a bit. In this thread, any mine train counts - whether it be Arrow, Vekoma, S&S, or even in-house. Here's my rankings:

1. Big Thunder Mountain - Walt Disney World
2. Expedition Everest
3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Walt Disney World
4. Cedar Creek Mine Ride
5. Roadrunner Express
6. Trailblazer
7. Dalohenga Mine Train
8. Carolina Goldrusher
1. Big Thunder Mountain (Paris)
2. Colorado Adventure
3. Expedition Everest
4. Big Thunder Mountain (WDW)

They're the only standouts I've done, the rest are all average.


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1. Colorado Adventure (BackRow delivers great forces and Airtime)
2. Expedition Everest
3. Big Thunder Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
4. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
5. Mammut - Gardaland
6. Diablo - Tren de la Mina
7. Runaway Mine Train (GAdv)
8. Cedar Greek Mine Ride
9. Carolina Goldrusher
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  1. Expedition Everest
  2. Colorado Adventure
  3. Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (WDW)
I haven't ridden BTMR in forever, but I remember it being a fun ride. However, I really enjoyed my ride on CCMR so I put it above BTMR.


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  1. Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris)
  2. Mammut (Gardaland)
  3. El Diablo (PortAventura)


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Lol okay... uhh might need to watch some POVs...

1. Runaway Mine Train (Aton Towers) - Actually quite fun really. Really nice setting and you get to go around twice!!

2. Adventure Express - Not a good coaster at all but I actually found it pretty fun, especially with our group ride on the CF Live.

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - It's been nearly a decade but I still didn't think it as all that special back then. But automatically better than the rest.

4. Caroline Cobra - Surprise underground tunnel!!

5. Dalohenga Mine Train - A bit silly really.

6. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Uhhh sure?

7. Trailblazer - I'm bored.

8. Runaway Mine Train (Great Adventure) - Rather offensive.


1. Adventure Express - Its just so wacky!

2. CCMR - Its okay, but not nearly as good as AE

3. Trailblazer - Meh, a bit short if I'm honest

4. Carolina Goldrusher - Rough, a bit boring

I haven't ridden BTMR or Everest since 2010 (it was too busy when I went in November, and I uh...Kinda didn't see the single rider line for Everest haha)


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Trouble is, they've all got such similar names that I get 'em mixed up. I mean, where the hell is Adventure Express? Have I ridden it? I think I have, it sure sounds familiar, but I couldn't tell you where it was or what it's like to ride. And being someone who doesn't really rank anything past the top 10% or so, mine trains seldom make the grade.
However, I quite liked the one at Silver Dollar City. The one at Disneyland Paris is also pretty good.
Wasn't overly impressed with the one at Phantasialand to be honest, despite the hype it gets. Thought the one at Walibi Belgium was better.
The one at Alton Towers is decent.
All the others are unmemorable +1's, or downright turd, the ones at Port Aventura, Kings Island and Cedar Point being 3 examples of the latter.

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Way too many of these
  1. Expedition Everest - not sure if this one should count, but, since other people are including it, I will. Far and away the best of this batch for me
  2. Colorado Adventure - Loved this, a bit overhyped but about as quality as a mine train's layout can be
  3. BTMR (DW, DL, TDL) - Classic ride, although they're all more or less the same
  4. Thunderation - One of the most interesting layouts of all these
  5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Good animatronics
  6. Road Runner Express - Quarry's interesting I guess
  7. Runaway Mine Train SFGAdv - I like that clunky Arrow ejector but that's about it
  8. Adventure Express - Notable ending
  9. El Diablo - 9-15 are varying degrees of mediocre
  10. Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  11. Big Bad John
  12. Runaway Mine Train, OT
  13. Trailblazer
  14. River King Mine Train
  15. Mini Mine Train
  16. Gold Rusher - Pretty vile honestly
  17. Dahlonega Mine Train - Only one I legitimately hated. How can it be that uncomfortable going that slow?


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This topic needs more mine trains.

It's not an exhaustive list - there's a bit of memory involved and I've stuck to stuff that makes some attempt to be themed beyond just having the front car of the train and a non-specific name (Bob Express, Furio etc.)
There are also many, many silly little things with mine train in their name that have been skipped (Zamperla 80STDs, Vekoma Juniors etc.)

1) Big Thunder Mountain @ Disneyland Paris
2) Big Grizzly Mountain @ Hong Kong Disneyland
3) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad @ Disneyland
4) Big Thunder Mountain @ Tokyo Disneyland
5) Seven Dwarves Mine Train @ Shanghai Disneyland
In order of most to least thrilling, all the Disney ones are just the ultimate mine train really - they really capture the joy and essence of mine exploration with their incredible theming.

6) Gran Montserrat @ Parque Espana - My favourite outside of Disney for being ridiculously forceful and fun.
7) Quicksilver Express @ Gilroy Gardens - Bit of a wildcard and the second half gets surprisingly good. Got some history too.

8) Mine Train Ulven @ Bakken
8) Mine Train Coaster @ Happy Valley Shanghai
The Intamins with their back row ejector and smooth, snappy layout.

10) Mine Coaster @ Quancheng Euro Park - Unintentionally stupidly forceful
11) Wild West Mine Train @ Ocean Park - Beautiful, unnerving, a classic.

11) Diablo @ Portaventura
12) Eldorado @ Etnaland
The party coasters - pure rollercoaster joy with the right crowd.

14) TNT Tren de la Mina @ Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - Quality family coaster, Gerst style.

15) Gold Rusher @ Six Flags Magic Mountain
16) Runaway Mine Train @ Six Flags Great Adventure
Couple of Arrows that were a laugh.

17) Mammut @ Gardaland - Same as the below, but with a third lift!

18) Calamity Mine @ Walibi Belgium
18) Crazy Mining Cart @ Lewa Adventure
18) Jungle Racing @ Happy Valley Beijing
18) Land of Lost Souls @ Oriental Heritage Wuhu
18) Mine Train Coaster @ Happy Valley Chongqing - (feat. Golden Horse using Vekoma's new look track)
18) Mount Tanggula @ Fantawild Adventure Zhengzhou
18) Mount Tanggula @ Fantawild Adventure Xiamen
18) Night Rescue @ Oriental Heritage Jinan
18) Olandese Volante @ Rainbow Magicland
18) Vesuvio Volcano @ Fantawild Adventure Shenyang
All those double lift layouts... the classic Vekoma 785m or Golden Horse KSC-26A
There's a bit of a thrill here and there, but they're all a bit poorly tracked and feel a bit, what's that word I've been using lately... janky. I think it's the length of the trains and the massive differential between front and back. Like those huge Zierer Tivolis but scaled up.

28) Runaway Mine Train @ Alton Towers - Only powered with a bit of a kick to it, they just don't really do anything.
29) Miniwah @ Freizeitpark Plohn - All indoors with nice theming. No more thrills with these though.
30) Alpenexpress Enzian @ Europa Park - Mmm.... theming. Eww... VR.
31) Grottenblitz @ Heide Park - Bit less theming.
32) Gruvbanan @ Skara Sommarland - Bit less again.
33) Miniera d'Oro Del West @ Fiabilandia - Cute
34) Scorpion Express @ Chessington World of Adventures - Better before.
35) Dynamite Express @ Drievliet - needed RCDB to remind me it had any theming.
36) Gold Mine Train @ Nigloland - likewise, but noisier.

37) Trailblazer @ Hersheypark
38) Carolina Goldrusher @ Carowinds
39) Dahlonega Mine Train @ Six Flags Over Georgia
The boring arrows

40) Mine Coaster @ Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park - it's more tree than ride now, so had comedy on its side.
41) Colorado Adventure @ Phantasialand - only mine train I actively didn't like because it punched me in the head (weird, right?). It rides the same as I described the other Vekomas so don't see the fuss.


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  1. Thunderation - Silver Dollar City
  2. Road Runner Express - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland
  4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disney World
  5. Seven Dwarves Mine Train - Disney World
  6. Runaway Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
  7. Adventure Express - Kings Island
  8. Trailblazer - Hersheypark
  9. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point
  10. Runaway Mine Train - Six Flags Great Adventure
  11. Dahlonega Mine Train - Six Flags Over Georgia
  12. Canyon Blaster - The Great Escape
  13. Gold Rusher - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  14. Mini Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
  15. River King Mine Train - Six Flags St Louis
  16. Carolina Goldrusher - Carowinds

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1. Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom
2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Disneyland
3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Magic Kingdom
4. ThuNderaTion - Silver Dollar City
5. Road Runner Express - Six Flags Fiesta Texas
6. Runaway Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
7. River King Mine Train - Six Flags St. Louis
8. Dahlonega Mine Train - Six Flags Over Georgia
9. Adventure Express - Kings Island
10. Gold Rusher - Six Flags Magic Mountain
11. Runaway Mine Train - Six Flags Great Adventure
12. Carolina Goldrusher - Carowinds
13. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Magic Kingdom
14. Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point
15. Trailblazer - Hersheypark
16. Mini Mine Train - Six Flags Over Texas
17. Runaway Mine Train - Alton Towers


  1. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
  2. Colorado Adventure, Phantasialand
  3. Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris
  4. Mine Train Ulven, Bakken
  5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom
  6. Alpenexpress Enzian, Europa Park
  7. Grottenblitz, Heide-Park