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Rank the SBF Visa Spinners


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Rank threads are an important life blood of Coasterforce - it's a means for members of all kinds to mindlessly bump their post count with content that nobody else will read. As important as these threads are to us, it has come to my attention that we've been missing the most important one of all: rank your notorious SBF Visa spinner creds!

Cruiser Coaster - Craig's Cruisers
Wipeout - Palace Playland
Spinning Out - Beech Bend
Spinning Coaster - CJ Barrymore's

Carry on, then, and enjoy this thread as these things continue to spread like wildfire.


Awwwwwwwwwwwww yea these are my TOP FIVE SBF COASTERS!!

1: Tidal Wave - Clarence Pier - good
2: Mad Mouse - Clarence Pier - megh
3: Spinning Out - Beech Bend - got stuck on here for 15 minutes in the summer with no shade
4: Runaway Train - St Nicholas Park - i felt shame on this, then slipped and fell getting off and felt more
5: Junior Red Force - Ferrari Land - sh*t


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Only been on one - the one at Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham. Wouldn't bother me in the slightest if I never ride another one.


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Generic Coaster 💩posting, is that you?


Family Coaster Andretti Thrill Park (was mah first and seems to spin way more than the others)
Crazy 8's John's Incredible Pizza Company (because it comes with a pizza buffet!)
Spinning Coaster Pier Park Amusement Rides
Hang Ten Fantasy Island Amusement Park
Spinning Out Beech Bend (in the raaiiiinnnnnnnn)
Bug Whirled Playland
Slingshot Camden Park
Blastin' Barrels Cultus Lake Adventure Park
Spinning Coaster Trimper's Rides
Twist-N-Shout Malibu Jack's
Spinning Parrot Island in Pigeon Forge (also in the rain)
Twist-N-Shout Fun Land of Fredericksburg
Freedom Rider iPlay America
FunCoaster Funplex
Crazy 8 FunXcess
Wipeout Palace Playland
Spinning Lady Bug Coaster Edaville Family Theme Park
Whirlwind Playland's Castaway Cove
Krazy Koaster Silverwood Theme Park
Also, like 5 at IAAPA over the years

And since we're doing this.... I saw this one closed, Myrtle Turtle Pavilion Park :( ...saw this one closed too, but it would have been a re-credit anyways - Spinning Coaster Track Family Fun Park


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^ that is an indecent amount of SBF Visa spinners.

I don't know whether to congratulate you or commiserate?

Either way,

(for the record I think I only have 3 ; the one in Cannon Hill Park, the one at Energylandia and the one in Melbourne ; the latter being obviously the best as it is the furthest away from me)
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Chris Coasters

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Been on 9 creds from SBF Visa. Sadly two of them don't spin but for those that do here is the ranking! Ranking based on theming and overall setting since that's pretty much the only noteworthy things.

1.) FunCoaster – Funplex - only different one here as its a spinning wild mouse so has to top my list for being different. Wasn't too bad of a ride either.
2.) Poogee Penguin’s Spin Out – Santa’s Village - One of my favorite nostalgic parks from when I was a kid, cool penguin theme.
3.) Freedom Rider – iPlay America - Cool chop shop style theming to it as well as being indoors.
4.) Incredible Spinning Roller Coaster - Incredible Pizza Company - same as the ones below it but a notch above for being indoors.
5.) Spinning Lady Bug Coaster - Edaville USA - Closest coaster to my house (24 miles).
6.) Whirlwind – Playland’s Castaway Cove - Would be higher but as I spun around and around I had to stare at a closed GaleForce.
7.) Spinning Coaster - Fiesta Shows - Fair cred +1 bottom of the list

Hopefully hoping on one within the next week in Cali.

Edward M

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  1. Spin-O-Saurus - Wild Willy's: The coaster only lasted two years before leaving the unfortunately named Wild Willy's.
That concludes my list of SBF Visa Spinners. Tune in next week for my ranking of E&F Kiddie Coasters.


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I've only done one of these rides, the creatively named Skyline Park's Kids Spin (I guess Sky Spin was already taken by their big Maurer Spinner). It was the larger version, but still managed to be duller than your average Wacky Worm.


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This isn't a joke, it's serious business.

1. Tidal Wave @ Clarence Pier - Most vicious
2. Ladybird Loop @ Tayto Park - Best themed
3. Spinning Parrot @ Island in Pigeon Forge - Had amusing music
4. Bisværmen @ Tivoli Friheden - Don't remember
5. Whirlwind @ Great Yarmout Pleasure beach - First

Only 5? I'm disappointed now.


Worst ride ever: the one at Crealy
Even worse: Viking at Energylandia

These things make Zamperlas and Reverchons look good


Worst ride ever: the one at Crealy
Even worse: Viking at Energylandia

These things make Zamperlas and Reverchons look good
Viking is the worst coaster I've ever ridden in my life. On the way up the lift hill there was a massive jolt and the whole car jerked forwards and we came to a stop before starting up again. Not to mention going round the track was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I've ever had on a coaster. Never again.