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Rank the Disney Parks


Roller Poster
How do you think the Disney parks in the world rank currently? I can't wait to see everyone's lists and thoughts on the parks.

I think they go like this:

1. Tokyo DisneySea
2. Disneyland
3. Tokyo Disneyland
4. Disneyland Paris
5. Disney's Animal Kingdom
6. Shanghai Disneyland
7. Magic Kingdom
8. Disney's Hollywood Studios
9. Hong Kong Disneyland
10. Epcot
11. Disney California Adventure
12. Walt Disney Studios Park


Giga Poster
For my visits... maybe?

Disneyland Paris - Disneyland Park
Walt Disney World - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World - Epcot
Hong Kong Disneyland
Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom
Disney California Adventure Park
Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood Studio
Disneyland Paris - Walt Disney Studios Park


Mega Poster
Only ranking the ones I've been to, and the year I last visited:

Disneyland Paris (2012)

Love the different takes on the classic rides and it's a beautiful park.

Magic Kingdom (2014)

So much to do and lots of classic rides.

Animal Kingdom (2014)

Stunning scenery, love seeing the animals and a handful of great rides.

Epcot (2014)

I love the world showcase.

Hollywood Studios (2014)

Some great rides.

Walt Disney Studios Paris (2012)

Some great rides...I actually like this park despite its reputation.


Mega Poster
1, Tokyo Disneysea
2, Shanghai Disneyland
3, Disneyland California
4, Animal Kingdom
5, Hong Kong Disneyland
6, Tokyo Disneyland
7, Disneyland Paris
8, Epcot
9, Magic Kingdom
10, Disneys California Adventure
11, Disney's Hollywood studios
12, Walt Disney studios


Giga Poster
I've been to the Paris parks and the Florida parks - Paris in 2004 and Florida in 2007. To be honest I wasn't particularly blown away by any of them. So much so that when I had the chance to visit the California parks in 2010, I simply couldn't be arsed, much preferring to have an extra day at Universal instead.

I quite liked The Tower of Terror in Florida, and I quite like the Rock n Roller Coasters, but the Florida version of Space Mountain was utter garbage. The ultimate case of "Is that it"? The Parisian one is much better.
Everest was also pretty cool, I guess. Other than that, very little else even interests me about Disney.