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Quimera accident, La Feria Chapultepec closure, Montana Russa removal, etc.


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While sad to see the classic woodie go it’s good that they plan to put something in, it may just be a family coaster but it’s a unique family duelling boomerang which is a good start.

Hopefully they get something bigger from Vekoma in the future......but I doubt it.


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Both coasters seem to be clones of Saven

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Ahh I can see now the sit down being a clone but from roomraiders image the blue coaster looks like it weaves around the sit down so I don’t think that is a clone, and it’s also inverted.

Still though it’s the only sit down and inverted duelling shuttle family coaster I have seen, so I guess it’s semi-unique ? I also hope to see Vekoma do more family inverted shuttle coaster as Im pretty sure that the first one.


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I love the enthusiasm for such a s**t replacement for an excellent coaster. Sure, it's better than nothing, but that's about the only positive here.

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And with one fell swoop, the planet loses 1/3 of its remaining mobius-tracked wooden racing coasters.

That statement sounds more dramatic than it really is, as there were only 3 of them left to begin with:

1. Racer - Kennywood: 1927 - present
2. Grand National - Blackpool: 1935 - present
3. Montana Rusa - La Feria Chapultepec: 1964 - 2021 (SBNO since 2019)

It's always sad to see a big old wooden classic meet its end, especially one that I never got a chance to ride.
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