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Quimera accident, La Feria Chapultepec closure, Montana Russa removal, etc.


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The last update I can find is that the seals (of criminal investigation) to the park were removed last week. The area around the park is currently closed because of the pandemic. My best guess is that the whole process has been postponed.


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RCDB's Facebook page shared an article regarding the status of La Feria Chapultepec Magico:

My Spanish is very rusty, but from what I can gather form the article as well as replies from those who were able to better summarize the article, it sounds like the old operator has begun pulling their rides out of the park. Fear not though: the land and larger rides/landmarks are owned by the city, and it sounds like they have resumed the search for a new operator. Interestingly, there does not appear to be any mention of Quimera's fate yet.


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Seems both articles are stating pretty much the same thing. Hopefully the new operator presentations can happen soon.
I may have missed it but I don't think anyone has posted the article from Here

Translation of the main points:
1. The ride Quimera operated outside the norms established on it's own manual, official mexican norms and complementary technical norms.

2. According to the ride's manual, the rollercoaster was operating without the required conditions, as it was functioning with 5 cars instead of 6, with no corrective maintenance and under seriously unsafe conditions.

3. The lack of proper maintenance was the cause of the derrailment and subsequent fall of car number 5, causing the deaths of two people and serious injuries on other two.

Causes of the accident

The General Attorney's Office will prosecute the people responsible and/or the company under the charges of culpable homicide and injuries. Once the legal procedure begins, they will release a list of those accused.

The manual that the company used to operate the ride was not the original, the used incomplete copies of the technical specifications translated to english and spanish.

The Attorney concluded that Quimera operated under seriously unsafe conditions such as poorly maintained seatbelts, oil leaks on equipments, fissures on the wheel trucks, broken screws on the track joints and damages on the rails.

"Loop number one showed excessive movement, all three loops required leveling, the operator's display had failures that had been reported before, and the routine technical inspection of september 29th (the day of the accident) determined that the ride had a reliability of 58%, because of that, the coaster should not have been opened to the public until the failures were corrected.

How the accident happened

According to the Attorney's Office, and based on the maintenance log, the roller coaster was not in condition to operate safely.

"The prevailing conditions originated excessive vibration in all of the ride's elements, causing the screws of the right wheel truck on the last car to fall off and therefore causing the whole right set of wheels to derail, the train followed it's path because the left truck was still in place, but when the coaster turned right, the last car derailed completely and became airborne, pulled by the speeding train until it hit the support structure, the hit snapped the last car off, which started spinning while falling, throwing the two now deceased passengers to the ground"

La Feria is looking to perform it's own investigation with the help of a foreign expert, but according to the Attorney's Office, the company has not followed the proper legal protocol and therefore, no official request has been fullfilled.

Careful what you say before a certain cretin wades in off his own site telling you you are NOT QUALIFIED TO MAKE SUCH SUGGESTIONS!

The first few pages of the discussion on TPR made me raise an eyebrow or two at the hypocrisy coming from a particular member.
I remember this person saying the same thing to me a while ago as well as something along the line of "what do you know about rides?"
The next day he looked a little sheepish and avoided eye contact when he saw me doing a rather detailed inspection of a ride he was due to review before the park opened.....


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If the shuttle loop is up for sale, I can guess, with at least some certainty, that La Feria is now closed for good.


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Definitely interesting that it isn't a scrapping job so hopefully it can find a new permanent home

I hope this is the case as this ride is a monster, but these photos seem to all be from when the ride was assembled, given that the loops are dark/blue. I am withholding hope until I see photos that are clearly of the dismantling.

On a side note, the shuttle loop is no longer listed for sale.


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I hope this is the case as this ride is a monster, but these photos seem to all be from when the ride was assembled, given that the loops are dark/blue. I am withholding hope until I see photos that are clearly of the dismantling.

On a side note, the shuttle loop is no longer listed for sale.

Yeah I see what you mean. I think the source is quite local so presumably is relatively reliable.
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The German showmen at the moment try not to go bancrupt. Except for some small "temporary themeparks" nothing happened here this year. Many rides are feared not to return next year - no one is talking about new rides ☹

Normally this would depend on the condition of the ride. Skyline Park once tried to aquire Thriller but they cancelled that as the ride was in desolate shape. Cannot see that this one is much better. With Laser Dorney did the maintenence according to the manufacturers schedule and ran it according to specs.