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Pre-gf Tripsdrill and Holiday Park


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Daviddoc and I decided to tag Tripsdrill and Holiday park on the the beginning of the main ghosterforce trip. I hadn't done either of these parks before so I was excited to do them, especially to finally ride Expedition Geforce.


So I had started this trip off being someone who mostly disliked launches and hadn't done many big coasters with lap bars (only Mako and Scorpion (if you count that) I believe). This was the start of a revolution.

This park was so cute! Everything looked so lovely with the trees in autumnal colours and more pumpkins scattered everywhere than you could shake a stick at! I got the impression that this was the best time of year to visit. The autumnal feel just suited the park so well! I didn't take than many photos of the cute scenery though unfortunately.

We did the kiddie cred first to get it out of the way. This was a surpringly smooth and picturesque tivoli. Then we went to the woodie. This was an interesting one.

It looked really good offlride. It had some nice banking and a good-looking drop and it looked relatively new (apparently it was built in 2008 but I would have guessed newer). It had a nice themed queueline (which you couldn't bypass on dead days unfortunately), a themed station and nice sawmill themed preshow bit. By the ride was just meh. It just lacked that something. There were mutliple times where you almost got airtime but just as you started to lift out of your seat it just lost momentum and carried on. The ride is really smooth and well-paced but it just felt so lacking. David aptly named it "mehmut". We rerode it a few times because it was walk on and we wanted to double check but each time it delivered the same oddly underwhelming experience. It looks good though.

Karacho! I was a bit nervous about this because it was a launch coaster. I loved Anubis so I had a feeling I would like this one. This was my first gerst with lapbars! Woo!

I had nothing to fear, this was a great ride and the lap bars really gave a new sensation that I hadn't yet experienced before. It has a heartline roll in the dark that disorientates you right before the launch and top hat. I really like the launches into these top-hat style elements on this and Anubis (anubis' isn't a proper top hat I don't think). Really nice elements. The rest of the ride was good and it kept good pace. We rerode a few times as it was so quiet and noticed they had even put some hallloween theming in the queueline. I would put this in my top 20 for sure.
The park has a posh restaurant right by Karacho that had some nice views of the two biggest coasters.

We finished off the creds by doing the unpronouncable gerst bobsled which had an imaginative layout that intertwined with the log flume theming. I thought that the cars had cute theming on this, they were like little wooden sleds. The log flume was also good and came complete with an array of plastic boobs which apparently was meant to signifiy eternal youth or something (according to rcdb). The rapids were nice too and had that cool whirlpool effect. We managed to get a free meal of sausage and chips that came with our tickets which was a nice bonus. The park also had a nicely themed sky fly that we didn't do but it looked nice. We also did the funhouse which had a scary barrel thing in it that I conquered after much consideration.

We had a really good, chilled day at the park just taking in the surroundings and doing some creds. Karacho is obviously the standout attraction but most other things there seemed well-themed, cute and worth doing. If I had had time I would have maybe liked to have checked out the wildlife park they they also have there.

Holiday Park to follow.

Mysterious Sue

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Fab, but you haven't mentioned all the best bits about Tripsdrill - how green it is, the beer museum, the ridiculous little animatronics everywhere, the 1 euro icecream...


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1 euro icecream...
Oh my! $1.18 USD for Ice cream?
Depending on how good it is, that's a deal!
Especially compared to Toft's (Not the best pricing, not the worst, but great ice cream). If it's just under, better, or the same as Tofts, that's crazy!
I've never heard of ice cream that cheap.


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Fab, but you haven't mentioned all the best bits about Tripsdrill - how green it is, the beer museum, the ridiculous little animatronics everywhere, the 1 euro icecream...
I suppose I meant green when I kept saying it was cute haha. It is very green and pretty! We thought it was a wine musuem so we didn't go in, but we did get some gluhwein! It was a bit cold for ice cream! Oh yeah and they must have some deal with an animatronics manufacturer.....so...many...weird..models!
some additional pictures from my camera






Emily was a bit confused by the German animations.




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Holiday Park
This day was all about Expedition Geforce and I was excited to ride it after all the hype.
The coaster itself is great, the first drop is one of the best I've ever done and there is so much ejector airtime throughout the layout it doesn't let up. You get a lovely view over the trees when you first drop and also swoop past lots of trees during the ride. I had one issue with the ride and that was the comfort of the seats. I had to learn to avoid bashing my knee on the inside of the car and the lapbars were quite blocky (compared to say the B&M ones I had done on Mako). I feel like newer restraints (*cough* tarons *cough*) could improve the ride experience even further to make it perfect. Don't get me wrong though I loved the ride and it currently sits as my number 4! It was a brutal contrast to Mako-the only other hyper/mega coaster that I'd done. I loved how the airtime continued right until the end complete with a really well-placed photo op as well.
The station was really quiet at the start of the day and didn't get that much busier during the day (1 or 2 train wait maybe max).

It looked cool.

We did the freakiest ghost train of medieval torture which had a queueline that smelt of lighter fluid from the barbecue outside. Luckily it was walk-on otherwise we might have been gassed! This ride was full of freaky old animatronics who were being tortured and starved. I can imagine a lot of kids would be freaked out by this ride! I had a nice spaghetti bolognese for lunch, their food was very similar to that of plopsaland (de panne), as would be expected.
I had been putting off the sky scream cred because I wasn't totally into the idea of prolonged hangtime at 150ft in the air with a lapbar (bear with me-I was still relatively new to big coaster-lap bar inversions at this point in the trip). It had been running in the morning but then closed when we were going to ride it and didn't reopen again all day. I was annoyed about the cred spite but also secretly slightly relieved because it looked a bit gross but by the end of the day I was a bit disappointed not to have done it.
The park has some nicely themed flats and a half-well themed viking log flume. We did the star flyer which was a bit scary (as predicted as they always scare me a bit) and then went and watched the water ski show!

This cute waveswinger type ride which shows you how little structure these rides have under their facades!

The scary star flyer and the spite!

They had one of these flying jet pack things which looked fun.

The whole show had a story to it, which of course was all in german but we sort of got the gist of it. They even featured the "park manager" as a bad guy in the show which I thought was something you wouldn't see in the UK/US. The mascot came and saved the day and there were plenty of jokes including a re-occuring pamela anderson character with fake boobs, the beach boys and "the hoff" (we were in germany after all!).

Oh look, there's Pamela on the left!

After the show we rode EGF again (obviously) and some other rides.
Ooo yeah, look at that drop!

I liked how the ride operators seemed to be able to choose what music played in the station including having the choice of "Expedition Geforce Mix", whatever that was! On this day they had opted for some heavy german metal which seemed to fit the ride quite well (and the style of the guys working on the ride!).

Some happy riders!

We ended up being on the last ride of the day and the ops were kind enough to give us a second ride as soon as we pulled into the station again! A nice extra touch!

A good day a nice little park, would definitely recommend a viewing of the water ski show- as well as riding the EGF of course!
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Hopefully this was still in the CD collection.

Big FM always seems to take preference unfortunately.

I didn't hear it on the day but it was probably there somewhere in the back of their CD book! A quick google tells me they were playing Rammstein "Amerika" amongst other similar sort of songs.


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I went to Tripsdrill in the Autumn as well, lovely place. I love the fact that the theme of the park is basically Swabia and wine production. It was a good few years ago now; they had Mammut but not the launched one. It wasn't even announced at that point I don't think. It was so quiet when we went we had to wait for the Mammut trains to fill up to minimum capacity before they dispatched. I also remember being the only ones on their tilting drop tower thing, having three rides in the row, and then the ride operator telling us we couldn't have another because it was too expensive to operate for just two people!!