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PowerPark | Pitts Special | Gerstlauer Infinity | 2020


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I know it has at least three cars, because I have seen videos and it has a mid-course for a reason.
At least I didn't see the third train last summer in the maintenance track which can be seen at the end of the ride since it's in the same building as the station. But at least they've rarely used three cars lately.

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Does anyone even have any idea of what the extension will look like for the ride?

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I'd expect a larger top hat, as it'll be the easiest to modify in order to beat Taiga's height record due to the top hat being the tallest point on Junker currently. There are footers being poured around its base, suggesting some sort of extension. Other then that, I'm keeping an open mind! PowerPark could merely be trying to win the height and speed records, which would likely come from extending the top hat, but if they're going for length too... that'd be even more interesting.

Matt N

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I think @PetskuC has a plausible idea; if this is still a Junker extension and not a brand new coaster, they could just be turning Junker into a Takabisha-style coaster with two distinct sections. The brake run we're seeing could just be an MCBR to split the two sections up, like it is on Takabisha/TMNT Shellraiser.

This wouldn't surprise me, as a number of other Gerstlauer coasters employ the same trick; The Smiler, Fluch Von Novgorod and Mystery Mine amongst others are some examples that come to mind!

To me, it does seem slightly odd that they would purchase a new coaster with the exact same colour scheme and track design as the one directly next to it, but each to their own, I suppose!


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If they would implement a Takabisha-style midcourse, they would still have a problem. The old Junker already has a MCBR. I think they would most likely in this case just have it turned off/use it as trims if necessary.

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Lori Marie Loud

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Wow, this is crazy.
Also FYI Bluegames, they might end up replacing the trains altogether and making them shoulder restraints.
But seriously, are they really pretty much DOUBLING the length? I'm starting to think this could be a Takabisha style monstrosity with a 121.6 degree lift hill