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Poseidon’s Fury @ Islands of Adventure closing May 10th, making room for ”new experiences”


Hyper Poster
I went through this last year - it was still as terrible as it always was. The facade and the swirly water tunnel were cool but otherwise… ‘awkward’ is probably the best word 😅

Very likely that a replacement attraction will be much better so… fingers crossed! It’ll be a shame to lose some of the theming as presumably the whole of the Lost Continent area will go but… oh well.


Strata Poster
I liked it the few times I went through it, didn't bother with it last time I was there (12 months ago) so I don't think I'll miss it though.

The outside of it was always the best bit :)

Took a decent (I think) big pic of it on a trip a few years ago...



Roller Poster
I didn't know this ride even existed at all lmfao, hopefully it's the same for others so it doesn't sting too much.


Matt SR
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What a ratchet remainder of the Lost Continent. <3


Hyper Poster
I enjoyed it when I went through in 2022, it's a pure late 90s cheesefest that really shows the parks age in a delightfully outdated way.


Hyper Poster
I, for one, am going to miss it dearly. Some of the practical effects on this were genuinely mindblowing. Not to mention the delightfully corny writing. One of IOA’s best, imo, and one that will leave a big hole in the park.
I managed to do this last year for the first time and I really wish I hadn't bothered. The story was hokey, the acting atrocious and the effects were dated. It will not be missed by me and my family.

I'm also on board for a Zelda themed attraction although this would undoubtedly have people complaining that all the Nintendo things aren't in the same place.


Mega Poster
So glad I got to ride this in January during my trip to Orlando. I'm absolutely going to miss this attraction. One of the best walk through dark rides I've ridden.


Roller Poster
I'm disappointed I missed it on my last visit - it re-opened the week after I left after that long refurbishment, which now seems quite an unusual decision.

I'm on board for a Zelda attraction as I enjoy the games, but it strikes me as not a particularly popular IP at all, and I really can't imagine people getting excited about it. Maybe I'm wrong. I kind of think it'll be more Harry Potter but I hope not, as there's already plenty.


Mega Poster
I missed it on my last visit, didn't even know it existed, to be honest. Heres to hoping we get a great coaster or dark ride!


Roller Poster
It's definitely possible that Universal could expand their Nintendo offerings in their parks, given the success of the Mario movie and the popularity of their existing Nintendo attractions. The Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure has already seen some changes with the removal of Dueling Dragons and the addition of Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. It remains to be seen what exactly will replace the remaining attractions in that area, but it's certainly a prime location for a major new addition. Whether that will be a Nintendo-themed ride or something else entirely, only time will tell.


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No most likely not. They are just straight to the point and have well-written messages.
I’m no expert in chatGPT, but looking at their post history it sure looks like they are using it. Not sure if using it to comment here is the best use of the technology