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Planet Coaster (2016)


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^I don't have the game, so can't vouch for the usefulness of these guides, but a quick Google search of "planet coaster tutorial" yeilds many videos and guides. Hopefully some of these will be helpful for you. Click here!


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Honestly, the best way to learn is to jump in. I've played a number of hours (on top of the fact that I watch some Youtubers who play the game VERY well as well) and I've gotten the gist of most of the game. Like NL, it will take time to get used to it. RCT is VERY simple and doesn't really need anything more than basic knowledge. This take much more effort.


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Best thing for me was not to concentrate on learning too much at once. Build a few flats on flat ground, learn how to place paths and open the rides until confident. Then build a prepackaged coaster or two, then start looking at non-inverting coasters, then inverting coasters. I've found the controls intuitive enough, but there's gonna be a ton of useful videos and guides online.


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There's a check option in camera controls that lets it be like RCT3.
Use Z to rotate rides. Press it for 90 degrees, or hold it and swivel mouse for a more precise rotation.
I recommend playing the beginner career mode levels as they do a decent job of drawing your attention to different features in a non-overwhelming way.

Coaster building takes a while to get used to. Expect to build some ugly things at first. But eventually, you'll see how much better it is than the RCT3 system. At least you don't have to place custom track supports!!!