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Phantasialand - the best park in the world?


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Hi one and all, I am just a lurker here really so you probably haven't seen me around before.
I've recently returned from a trip I took to Phantasialand and have alot to share.

It doesn't take much to make an impression to me, and I feel like the impression Phantasialand makes is incomparable.


I hope, that it pretty quickly displays why it's my favourite park in the world.

I'm not one for just concrete and thrills. The immersion this place delivers is un matched by anything I've experienced or seen.

Everything feels so genuine and real.

I'm gonna stop blabbing on and let the pictures do the talking for a bit.





The park is breath taking. Unlike my home nations parks which seem to be descending steeply into decline, phantasia is maintained and propelled fantastically, with the recent addition of taron.

The ride itself is very mediocre. The ride has some insane ejector, but that's it.

It is one of the most unique steel's I've ridden, only comparable to woodies for me.

I love Phantasialand because they openly admit they embody their rides into areas. They design the ride with the area in mind, not the other way round.

There's no way the park would work if they worked the same way everyone else does. Their back to front attitude leads to some seriously immersive and breath taking theming.

The reason why I love this park so much is because each area takes you 1000's of miles across the planet within the space of metres, and it does it convincingly too.

This is my favourite theme park in the world, simply because it removes you from just that. It makes you a time & space traveller, like no where else can.

thanks for reading :)
(PS, my photo's don't do it justice. YOU HAVE TO VISIT!)

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I really like your pictures. Instead of taking standard pictures you always see, you've taken really interesting ones (in terms of subject and approach). And the video was a cool touch too!


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The park is stunning and I think you've captured some of that in your photos.

Just out of curiosity, what camera do you have?


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for the first few pictures I'm like "Were these taken in 1960?" and then I got used to them and loved the quirkyness!


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I can only really say thank you for such a great response guys!

The park is stunning and I think you've captured some of that in your photos.

Just out of curiosity, what camera do you have?
I actually used a mix of my iPod (Touch 5th gen) and my Canon EOS 7D Mk I (50 mm fixed lens). One of the reasons why the images are so nice is the f-stop is ridiculously high on this lens, and it also forces you to find nice frames because there's no leeway in scope.

I've attached the 2 albums I created from my last 2 visits to this magical place. Please do feel free to have a look!
I plan on going again at some point in the next 3 months too, and I cant help but emphasise how great this park is.

PS you know its gun b lit if they let dogs on park
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