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Phantasialand | Taron | Intamin launched


Strata Poster
I know it doesn't have inversions or go high, but the theming, track colour and speed/nature of the ride don't scream "family fun" to me at all. It screams thrill ride to me!


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A behind the scene video on the rock theming, interesting.


Plus a load of new pics here



Credit Whore 2016
That looks insanely in depth and beautiful. Oh Phantasialand how I love you so <3

I cannot wait to ride this next year...if it is open.


Captain Basic
That's some of the best rockwork I've seen. I need to haul my : dontswear: out to Germany.

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Giga Poster
Phantasialand <3 One of the few parks that make the effort of theming massive coasters in its entirety, rather than just the station and queue.


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Ha, yep. I saw a really nice image last night taken from the top of that swervey piece of track, it looks amazing.

There's also a Digital magazine with a nice article and they say there are more surprises on the way. #hypetrain

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I mentioned this to Peep the other day and realised I hadn't vocalised it here...

Don't get me wrong, this thing looks incredible, but it's my instinct to be overly critical. There is no such thing as perfect, greatness is about weighing up negatives. :p

The choice of rockwork inspiration here is... weird, imo. Ya know how we still use a floppy disk for a save icon? Well, that's the same reason all theme park rockwork kinda looks the same and not quite like it's real life counterparts aside from colour and general structure. It has to be easily read as a rock, as a natural formation, as something ancient or exotic - stereotypically so. And I'm not sure this is. Those kind of rock structures don't look real in real life, they're famous for that very reason. Just a little awkward imo.


Matt SR
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hexagonal rock structures can indeed be found in the real world, but as you said Joey, they are a rare sight. I've been to the Devil's Postpile in California, and I know Northern Ireland has a basalt formation of the same type:


Taron does specifically resemble Devil's Postpile, with short stumps of hexagons and loger, swooping columns of rock:


Certainly not a regular occurrence.


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Indeed, it's clearly meant to be Devil's Postpile - I think that fits in with the dark mystery dragon they're tying the theme to.


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^Yeah, they're definitely trying to resemble some sort of basalt formation. They can be found everywhere around the globe in the vicinity of old volcanos. There's actually a place quite close to me with these dark grey/blackish hexagonal rock shapes!

I'm not 100% certain what the theme is yet, but maybe it has something to do with volcanos? Or it's simply just another way of making a rock formation... Love the look of it though <3


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Another picture which I don't think has been posted yet...


Really can't wait to see trains flying round that track! <3