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Phantasialand Live 2019: CANCELLED

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I'm thinking of cancelling the Phantasialand Live on 7th December. My reasoning:

- Fly won't be open, and we will want to go early next year when it is. So is there much point in going so soon beforehand?
- Wintertraum gets insanely busy, especially on weekends.

Instead, I'm thinking we could go to another park. It's always fun to have a Live in winter, so it would be nice to do something. I'm thinking PortAventura? But I'm keen to hear what everyone else thinks first. So let me know your suggestions!


Makes sense to delay it really if FLY is definitley not going to open this year. I was considering the Phantasia Live but can't commit to it yet, but would be equally interested in PortAventura I think.

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From a selfish point of view, I’d rather do PA since A) I’ve not been there and B) I’ve done Phanta a few times recently and wanna wait until fly. So would be happy with the proposed change!


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As someone who likely wouldn't be able to get to either (and therefore sharing a mostly worthless viewpoint) - Hold off and wait until FLY is open as it's likely you'll struggle to get numbers together for a Phantasialand live late this year.

PA or Europa would be my two suggestions.


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Well, I was only gonna go to the Phantasialand Live if the new coaster was open... which kinda reinforces your point I guess. So yeah, if we're thinking that it definitely won't be open then let's go somewhere else.
I would also vote for PA or Europa.


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Don't know how packed we're talking, but overly busy days at large parks don't tend to make for good CF lives, even if it is Phantasialand. I'm happy to wait for another opportunity.


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I'd potentially be up for Port Aventura in place of Phantasialand if I can make my remaining annual leave stretch enough to cover an extended weekend.


Selfishly speaking I've double booked myself with this and an Asian cruise, so er... of course we should wait for FLY!
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