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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster


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I honestly don't understand why they're not straight forward with if this is supposed to open this year or 2020. The extensive teasing suggests sooner than one'd think from how the construction site looks.
What extensive teasing? They have new model as a tease. Its mentioned on the map for the first time ever. But otherwise nothing else has changed since the intital announcements. The information boards inform guests that a coaster and hotel are being built but there's no new info and more than anything they are just replacements of the previous signage in the park which are now gone due to the new Wuze facades.
Otherwise its still radio silence from the park on the project - especially compared to the amount of videos and blog posts released during Klugheim's build (from August 2015 to opening in June 2016).

At the end of the day if they announced "Autumn 2019" but then as with Chiapas they're struck down with prototype technical issues and it ends up being 2020 people will be more pissed off than if they announce it when they are completely certain its all ready to go.

Also announcing a late 2019 or even a 2020 opening would potentially deter some people from visiting or booking a stay this summer so I find it understandable that they keep quiet until closer to the time.

And to be fair when the park say "It will open when its finished"; they are technically being very straight forward and honest with us. :p
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First they will launch a making of video series. When that is launched count +- 6 months till opening. 1 video a month. With a big opening spectacle like klugheim.
So prepaere seeing some video's september this year. (that is what i think)
I still don't know why everyone is trying to map the way they announced/build anticipation for Taron/Klugheim onto how it will be for Fly/Rookburgh. I mean, it was nice, bit it could aswell be that they just open the coaster and then start marketing with some video series... or that they''ll do 7 videos on 7 days. Everything is possible


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To explain the images a bit more:

Work continues on the main hotel building on the left; and the concrete base of the central hotel room tower in the middle appears complete - the wooden blocks on top could be marking the location for the foundations of the tube rooms.
Should be a great location with the launches right in front of you and coaster flying through underneath the rooms.
A new facade wall continuing on from the fake white building front behind the hotel restaurant has been erected. The blue tarpaulins show that theming work has begun on that section.
Plus new metal theming elements have been added to the top of the black towers at the far back.

F.L.Y.ing support? Presumably the footer will be in the yet to built foundations for the hotel entrance/lobby.
Also a clear look at the black frame for the roof of the hotel restaurant in the background - with some very close F.L.Y. interaction above.

The banking on the final curve down below into the brake run looks promising.

On PhantaFriends.de PHL-Marcus has drawn the hotel structures.

And with the speculated positions of the hotel room towers.
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