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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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We know the buildings won't be that tall, so it'll be interesting to see how it actually looks once finished. I also still think that some of the walls, in particular the Airrail Company one, look a bit flat.

Someone has mentioned that the sound barrier walls appear to be much taller than they actually need to be for the coaster (or maybe vice versa, that he expected the coaster to go higher due to how tall the walls are, you get the gist). I think it's a bit deceiving that we have never gotten a shot of anything in Rookburgh from the perspective that it's supposed to be looked at, which is from below. We already know that Rookburgh is going to be one level below Berlin and the entire point of F.L.Y. is to interact with the surroundings and especially fly over the people's heads. When you are looking at something from below at an angle, with nothing visible behind it that would allow for your eyes to adjust the scale properly, it pretty much always appears much taller than it actually is.

Also, as long as there is at least some texture and fine detailing to it, a similar effect applies to the two-dimensional walls. We've only been getting shots from a parallel perspective, from Hotel Matamba for example, and that makes the wall look flat because you're looking at a flat projection. When looked at from below at an angle, all those little details sticking out of the wall will appear much more visible, organic and especially three-dimensional. It's a bit odd considering that Phantasialand has said that Chiapas will be the last project that is just utilizing facades instead of fully-fledged structures, but I assume with the space they had to work with there was no other choice. But then again, that doesn't have to be a bad thing. It's rather an "unfortunate" choice of theme, with Klugheims rockwork, you don't expect it to be massive in all three dimensions because it doesn't matter, while with tall buildings you automatically associate them with the fully three-dimensional structure they are supposed to represent and then it looks odd when that expectation isn't met.


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@Fluorineer I know how perspective and projection works, I have a first class degree in design haha. But no matter how many words you throw at me to try and sound clever, the walls look flat. That's objective. I'm not the only person to point this out in this thread. The tops of the walls are also at the same height, which looks terrible, and I am not the only one to point this out. Yeah, from the ground, everything will look taller. However the buildings in the animation are absolutely huge, they look on a completely different scale to what has been built.

There is also a big difference between the Airrail Company wall in the video and the one build. So i guess those large buildings could change a lot
Why would they finish the wall and take down all the scaffolding, if they still needed to add theming?


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Why would they finish the wall and take down all the scaffolding, if they still needed to add theming?

Well, they did it to that white facade as well, when i was on Colorado Adventure last Sunday i could see that they rebuilt all the scaffolding around it (after it was supposedly 'done' for what, a year now?) and started working on it again, adding rusty chimneys, pipes and stuff
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I dont mean the Airrail wall will change. I mean the large building will prob not be in scale as the video show. No sign of them yet at the construction site. I think

That is just a marketing trick. (Like the old oblivion alton commercial) It looked like the coaster was 200 meters tall. They gave the track as mentioned a pink(ish) colour. They did that probably because the background is very dark and the bordeaux red is not as easy to see as the pink.


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It's nice to see the marketing machine starting up, just bought another annual pass.

Still, I'm mildly concerned if this will hold up in terms of theming-quality and dimensionality. Previous (bigger) projects of Phantasialand always included huge amounts of rockwork (Africa - later re-themed by Universal Rocks), Chiapas, Klugheim and especially Klugheim looks gorgeous and has the lots of three-dimensional details. With Rookburgh everything is on a larger scale, you don't have a small "market-place" (like in Klugheim), you're surrounded by industrial buildings and towers. I think this is a new terrain and challenge for the park and I hope that they will pull their theming-expertise off.

It's also due to the origin of the theming of course. Look at the footers in the video: I don't know if they are getting themed, but brick walls are naturally looking more flat than basalt-stone and curved wood. Time will tell if the exterior and buildings will have the same level of detail. I hope that I get the same "WOW!" feeling like every time I'm entering Klugheim.


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Now that's how to do a trailer ?.
I hope they manage to create a finished land similar to the urban cityscape in the animation though.
Some of those industrial revolution steampunk designs are fantastic.


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Interesting that the lower parts of the world, near the footers, are filled with coal? Interesting choice if this does become a reality, and it's a clever way of creating the illusion that the coal could go down much deeper than it really does.
In the Rookburgh Gazette there are a few mentions of coal depots, and an interview with a coal depot worker on page 2 so presumably that together with its inclusion in the trailer means we can expect to see this for real.

I popped into Phantasialand briefly today to get myself a couple of the new Rookburgh Gazettes.


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My trailer analysis!
POV of the trailer marked in green on the map.
It seems the cinematics in the beginning are totaly different as the pov.
And almost done of the existing building in the construction site are in the video. So my guess we won't see these large buildings at all.
The hotel viewing plotform could be the circle in the middle? but that doesnt match the hotel building on the site.
(line drawing made my me based on google earth etc.) This is all my speculation based on my knowledge of how the coaster layout is. so nothing confirmed

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IMHO the Trailer is not really interesting for us following the construction site since the first days.

It’s just an overview for normal visitors to understand, what Rookburgh is.

The buildings in the trailer are way more apart from each other than in reality for better visibility. They’re less detailed as well.

In terms of „Coal“: I just rewatched the google Maps picture of the site (which was already taken a year ago or so). Most supports are embedded in flat concrete surfaces or buildings. There isn’t hardly any „pit“ that could be filled up with coal.

The color of the rails looks kinda „pink-ish“ because of the rendering. That’s how it looks to me. All in all I don’t like the trailer that much, because it doesn’t depict the area as it really looks. But that’s just my view.
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oh-so-familiar sound of IMAscore again - I do wish people would stop putting them up on this pedestal like some kind of musical messiah, they're really not that good y'know

I kinda understand what you're saying with IMAScore. I think they had a period of making really distinct character-filled dynamic soundtracks with The Smiler, Helix and Klugheim. As their popularity has grown so much along with their workload, I do think they've turned to recycling ideas which has created the "generic IMAScore sound", but alot of that may just be parks just go to them and are like "I want something like [insert park/ride name]".

I just hope with the amount of time that Phantasialand have been working on Rookburgh they will really delve into creating something new and memorable and not too similar to what we've heard before.


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I like a lot of the ImaScore stuff I've heard but since my favourite coaster music is Icon from The Notable Stranger and you have other composers such as Blake Robinson who did a a superb job with re-imagining the Star Wars theme recently I don't have a clue why theme parks constantly go to one company for their music. ?‍♂️


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I just came to worry about this rather old image again:

(from the scan of Rookburgh Gazette)

For quite long, I thought this was a zeppelin, popping out of the clouds, until I looked closer and noticed that it looks unlike any zeppelin/airship I've ever seen. Hooks or exhaust pipes at the end, ropes and reels/wheels at the bottom. More like some strange kind of vehicle, or something very different.

Has anybody ever seen something like this (except in the Rookburgh artworks)?

Or perhaps, may it be a piece of zeppelin strapped to a vehicle? If it was without the wheels/reels, it would fit very well into the opening over the hotel entrance, where somebody already sketched a zeppelin before.


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Has anybody ever seen something like this (except in the Rookburgh artworks)?

To me it looks like a pretty literal interpretation of an airship :p

I have seen plenty of creative spins on the zeppelin/airship, even in non-steampunk contexts (I think there is even a Mario Kart circuit with something somewhat close to that), so I'm pleased to see that we might expect some wacky stuff shown in Rookburgh and not only the predictable steampunk-elements.